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Change | gannin oot fre a ride  .. 0

Change | gannin oot fre a ride ..

Change happens to us all whether we like it or not, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But I ve always seen change as a new opportunity and welcomed it with open arms. To quote Gandhi Be the change you want to see in the World.

So I ve come to the end of my short time in Northumberland forced on by redundancy. But this is exciting times for me, as I utilise this change to move on in life and pursue dreams that are closer to my heart. The plan is to move to the city where I can engage in sustainable community projects, like Bike Kitchens and Organic Community food gardens.

I ll also be able to spend more time spinning the pedals as in commuting more and lessening my carbon footprint by being car free!!As I ready myself for this move I m building myself a new bike, having recently built my betrothed a Surly Disc Trucker (with the help of the London Bike Kitchen) it came to my attention that they are Rohloff ready, a fact Surly don t advertise!. Having wanted a Long Haul Trucker for quite some time, but never committing to getting one due to the hassle of fitting a Rohloff. The Disc Trucker seems to be the ultimate Touring bike with Disc brake and Rohloff compatibility.

So the last few weeks have been filled with Ebaying bike parts and frames getting the capital together for the new build. The good news is I ve taken delivery of a Surly Disc Trucker frame set in Maroon and the build is imminent. So I ll leave with some photos from my past year of bicycle travel and will update soon on the new build .

Go well..Brian Argentina .. on a Thorn Nomad. Chile Argentina with company found along the way .

Places like these bring you closer to God . A tent, a bike and an open heart . Ushuaia, end of the world .and a fitting end for the Nomad.

Exploring Northumberland on a Surly Troll .

Keeping things simple yet magical the Troll s last outing .

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CPC Driver Training Blog: Terrifying moment motorcyclist hits … 0

CPC Driver Training Blog: Terrifying moment motorcyclist hits …

___________________________________________________________________ Biker hit divot in road near Rye, East Sussex and slid into path of truck Horrific road accident was captured by the lorry’s cabin CCTV camera Film shows bike falling in front of the truck, which was doing 30mph Amazingly, the motorcyclist walked away a broken shoulder after smash This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist veers across a winding country lane and ploughs head-on into a lorry. The biker is seen failing to take a bend properly and drifting into the opposite carriageway as the HGV approaches. The man’s motorbike was torn in half by the impact – but miraculously the rider escaped with just a broken shoulder.

Footage filmed by a lorry’s cabin camera shows the bike skid into the path of the truck near Rye, East Sussex The bike was ripped in half in the incident but the motorcyclist escaped with only a broken shoulder Police investigated the accident to see if the lorry driver was speeding but decided nobody was to blame Police launched an investigation amid suspicions the lorry driver could have been guilty of speeding, dangerous driving or poor lane discipline. But the footage, filmed with a SmartWitness Vehicle Accident Camera mounted on the dashboard of the truck, proved that the driver was not to blame for the 30mph smash in Rye, East Sussex. Mark Chamberlain, managing director of John Jempson & Son who own the lorry, said: ‘The driver was travelling safely and within the speed limit on the country lanes near where we are based. ‘You can see on the video that he is passed first by a motorcyclist, who turned out to be the female partner of the injured rider. ‘The second rider follows very closely behind her.

If you slow the video right down you can see that he hits a pothole and veers over the road into the path of our truck after coming out of a corner. ‘There is a collision but thankfully the motorcyclist is lucky and he escapes with a broken shoulder.’ The terrifying moment a motorbike collides head-on with a truck The footage shows the moment the biker hits the pothole in the middle of the road as he rounds a country bend Initially following another bike, the rider then loses control and slides across road into the path of the truck The bike then ploughs into the front of the lorry and a cloud of smoke rises as it is ripped to shreds The owner of the lorry says he is pleased he was using the camera, which showed his driver was not to blame Mr Chamberlain added: ‘He is already coming off the bike at the point of impact and he ends up falling to the side of our truck. ‘Our driver is understandably badly shaken by what has happened and is immediately given a week off work to recover. ‘The police quite properly investigate the incident and the first thing they want to see is the footage from Smart Witness. ‘This shows quite clearly that our driver is blameless and there is no case to answer.’ Manufacturers say the devices, which start at 149, ‘pay for themselves’ through reduced insurance premiums.

Radar Online | Imprisoned Trucker Admits To Killing Newlyweds In … 0

Radar Online | Imprisoned Trucker Admits To Killing Newlyweds In …

By Debbie Emery Radar Reporter A creepy Texas trucker who is already serving a life sentence for murder has admitted to two more killings in his mobile dungeon of death. Robert Ben Rhoades , 66, confessed to slaughtering 14-year-old runaway Regina Walters in Illinois in 1990, and has now admitted responsibility to the grisly deaths of a pair of newlyweds who met their demise in the traveling torture chamber in the cab of his long-haul rig, reported PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder There s this compartment that s hidden completely from view other than between the seats, Steve Smith , first assistant for the 112th District Attorney s office in Texas, told

The crime scene on wheels came complete with handcuffs hanging from the ceiling so that Rhoades could restrain women before performing his cycle of kidnap, torture, and kill. PHOTOS: Celebs Who Died Young The traveling killer s latest confirmed victims are Patricia Walsh , 24, and husband Douglas Scott Zyskowski , 28, who he pleaded guilty to murdering in Sutton County, Texas, after picking up the aspiring Christian gospel preachers while they were hitchhiking from Seattle. The defendant essentially agreed to stack the life sentences in Illinois, which means he ll never get out, Smith said, who revealed that he felt the evil when Rhoades walked into the courtroom.

He s 67. He will die in prison. PHOTOS: Celebrity Mugshots While Zyskowski s body was found in 1990, his bride s remains were discovered months later (and not identified until 2003 via dental records), leading investigators to assume that she was kept alive for a while.

Police have no idea how many people fell victim to the gruesome big rig, That was the problem with him. He was on the interstate everywhere, explained Smith. RELATED STORIES: PHOTOS: Most Notorious American Murder Trials PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time Ohio School Shooting Victim s Family Trying To Get Over Their Loss, It Is A Rollercoaster To be Honest Secret Life Of Ohio Shooter T.J.

Lane: Inside The Mind Of A Teenage Killer