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Calais: eviction update; video of police helping truck driver to beat …

Latest news: as of today, there have still been no big police attacks on the Fort Galloo and remaining jungles, and the police have been relatively successful in persuading many people to move to the tolerated camping area around the Jules Ferry day centre through threats. Not all have moved, though, and we will see in the next days if they come with force to clear out those who stay. Check the Calais Migrant Solidarity website for updates.

The authorities are continuing to establish their control over the area around the Jules Ferry day centre. NB: Jules Ferry was a notable French racist coloniser of North Africa who asserted the right of the higher races over the lower . No doubt he would approve of the segregated ghetto for African and other migrants being created in his name today.

No Borders comrades in Calais report that: The filth are stationed on the highway overlooking the camp to spy in, they also come inside making checks, and have had helicopters overhead. They are also regularly stopping people when they leave or come back to the camp, checking papers. Alongside CRS riot police, there are also now Gendarmes Mobiles (military police riot cops) in Calais.

And, under a new agreement with the British state, UK Home Office border thugs are now working together with French cops in the town of Calais, rather than just inside the port area as before. There are reports of them inside the day centre. Some neighbours living near the camp have paid a contractor to dump earth and build a rampart wall to block off the migrants from their area.

Meanwhile, the state authorities continue to try and lessen the tide of people crossing by lorries and other means. One main tactic, as reported by many migrants, is handing out beatings to dissuade people they catch inside trucks heading for the port. In this video, copwatchers caught on film a moment where CRS riot cops pass their truncheons to a lorry driver so he can use it to beat someone out of a lorry.

Just one tiny glimpse of the daily violence of the border.

Calais: eviction update; video of police helping truck driver to beat …

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