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Dancing trucker banned for drink driving

A Romanian trucker who became an internet star after a video of him dancing while driving was uploaded to YouTube, has lost his licence for drink driving. Last year Iulian Breazu became a web sensation thanks to a clip of him dancing to gypsy music and steering his lorry with his feet. While the video horrified thousands of other motorists, it appeared that nothing would be done about his dangerous driving antics.

But the 24-year-old has now reportedly had his driving licence taken away for 90 days after being caught behind the wheel at double the drink drive limit. Breazu will also have to complete a safety test before being allowed back on the road No, the answer is not C) Film it and upload it to Youtube. A spokesman for the Romanian police said: “The roads are a lot safer without Mr.

Breazu.” The initial video of the crazy dancing trucker has been watched over 750,000 times.

Dancing trucker banned for drink driving

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