France: masked mob attack UMP party’s offices in solidarity with …

Translated from French mainstream media On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, a masked mob of a dozen people entered the Toulouse offices of the right-wing UMP party and threw furniture, phones, files and papers out the window into the street. Graffitti bearing the words Expulsons l UMP (can be read as either evict or deport the UMP) and Solidarit aux r fugi s de Calais were left on the wall. The group then did a runner but left a leaflet inside in case of any doubt as to their motives.

The UMP is the party represented by Natacha Bouchart, the Mayor of Calais who has maintained a lethal policy of harassment and evictions against migrants in Calais since she came to power there in 2008. In the latest round in the war against refugees in the port town, the numerous large squats and jungles were visited by the police and threatened with eviction. The migrants left their squatted communities under the threat of violent force and moved to a permitted scrubland (which used to function as the town s dump), 10km outside the town.

In the words of the comrades who took action today: Down with borders!

Death to nations and states!

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France: masked mob attack UMP party’s offices in solidarity with …

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