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enacts list of changes after truck driver complaints …

Related Coverage PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) What a difference a day makes at the Virginia International Gateway (VIG) terminal in Portsmouth. Some changes have already been made, following a 10 On Your Side report about delays at the port on Wednesday. The changes deal with traffic congestion some consider dangerous for drivers, and, yes, port-a-johns.

The Port of Virginia is well aware of WAVY.com s reports and put out a list of all the changes underway. Some are in reaction to our report. The Port is listening and hopefully changing.

Document: Port s list of changes to alleviate delays at VIG Following our report on urine and human waste found outside the VIG, the port brought in six port-a-johns for truckers. They still need them in the cul-de-sac where the trucks back up to get to the port. Often times the trucks are stuck for hours as they wait.

A day after our report, WAVY.com found no back up at the VIG terminal. Trucks were getting in quicker, but the reality check happened in 15 minutes; trucks were backed up again on both sides of the road getting into the port. These issues have built ill-will between truck drivers carrying containers and the port.

To me, they don t think about the drivers. They don t think about the customers. They don t think about the businesses, they don t take the truck drivers seriously, truck driver Darryl Robinson said.

10 On Your Side found what appears to be a problem at a structure at the front of the port. The building is for Optical Character Recognition, where there are three bay doors for trucks to go through to be processed. But while trucks were backed up outside the port, there were only two bays open one bay door was closed.

WAVY.com asked Port spokesman Joe Harris about that. The terminal is operating at maximum capacity, Harris said. It doesn t matter how many trucks go through Optical Character Recognition because their next stop is one that only allows one truck through at a time.

Truck driver James Arrington considers that an example of the inefficiency of a state-of-the-art port: Processing the trucks in and out needs to go quicker, yes, much faster. Somewhere along the way it is broken, he said. Harris responded to that: The Port is not broken.

The problem is we are exceeding container capacity. That container number is in the tens of thousands a day, but, as WAVY.com found, that s little consolation for truck drivers losing hundreds of dollars a day waiting to get into the port. For them time is money.

It put me at rock bottom. That is where it put me it s costing me $200 to $300 a day, truck driver George Coppedge said. These are a few changes the port is now doing to correct the problems 10 On Your side is reporting on: Extending evening gate hours More weekend gate hours Making greater use of Portsmouth Marine Terminal to alleviate delays at VIG terminal Agreement with labor partners to get more help at the port WAVY.com has requested the port give 10 On Your Side a tour of what s going on inside.

We ll let you know whenever we get a reply.

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