Truck Driver Vows To Fight After ‘World’s Sweetest Animal’ Taken …

Robbybad:Vicious pitbull has my baby cornered. No wait, she’s using her as a recliner never mind. Stacy Bove-Fulgenzi:Sweet, Gentle and Loving Terrence Greene: johnalcock: Whitney Pflanzer:Starla and Sienna were both found as strays in Indianapolis.

After being adopted from the city shelter, they now spend their days as happy girls and love everyone they meet. Jill Tyler McDaniels:My foster dogs! Katie Griffith:Capone loves his turtle 🙂 Adam Mangel:She was mistreated from her previous owners, but patience and a flood of love have brought her back to trust.

Justin Moreno:Our 5 Year old Pitty Marley with her little sister Penny the french bulldog Krista Hickman:Giving my godson love in the morning! craigkaos:Piggy Roo, the Pit Bull, and Lucy, the Australian Cattle Dog, have helped raise over 50 Pit Bull foster puppies through Richmond-based Ring Dog Rescue over the past three years. Megan Lovejoy:This adorable girl is up for adoption through Love-A-Bull, a non profit rescue in Austin, TX.

She was rescued from a sad life, which can negatively effect some dogs, but what about this girl? Nope! She is delighted to be friends with EVERYONE.

All she wants is non stop tummy rubs, and her favorite little pink stuffed owl toy. Chris Loveless:Joker and Daphne – Daphne (grey and white) has just met Joker after being brought home from the SPCA. She spent two years as a neglected, starved, and abused dog.

Nomsnotbombs:Mona is a rescue pit mix who hasn’t let her early life experiences deter her from loving life…or every single person she meets. Her appetite for snuggles is insatiable, and she fancies herself to be a 55 pound lapdog. Megan Lovejoy:Betty the pit bull, Bushi the pit mix, and Polly the teacup pit bull (really chihuahua/peke mix) having a ferocious naptime.

Megan Lovejoy:Betty the wonder-bull! Candi Diamond:Grandma’s cuddle muffin and protector follows her everywhere! Melissa Sue HutJo: Angie Laurusaitis:Daisy adored my mother who had Alzheimers.

Daisy knew mom was special and kept very close to her Jamie Delgado:My niece and her Cane Corso/American Bulldog 9 month old “puppy” AVSmartz:A boy & his dog. Dog’s remind us to stay young and release our inner child. Not a day goes by that Einstein doesn’t take me outside to play.

Something I would not do every day if not for his friendship. amy5167:We rescued Emmitt from the county pound on his euthanasia day. He is a great dog…

Robert Andrade:Petunia and Moby adopted siblings napping PitBullMomma:Dixie, at the time a 1 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, is best friends with her human sister, Hadley. Heather DeWitt: Ashley Endres:Petunia always gets tuckered out at sleepovers with my godchildren. Brandi Hyatt:His christmas present one year.

He kept handing it to my barely one year old daughter Seraphina to “throw” lol HarkShark:Our Pit Bull Pearl loves to curl up on the pillow on the couch. Danielle Bauman:Um, excuse me but that looks like a hot dog you’re holding. May I pleeeeeeaaase?

Jennifer Flees: Brandy Lehto:Suvi and Ramsey live peacefully with their chihuahua brother. Brian Martin:Pierre and KrazyKat snuggling up for a nap. rappublicist:Pit Bulls can be super heroes PitBullMomma:Dixie, a 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, is best friends with her human sister, Hadley.

Brandy Lehto:Suvi lives at home with her sister Ramsey (a doberman) and her brother Pablo (a chihuahua). They work day and night to advocate for misunderstood breeds! ILLJWILL11: Sam Goodwin 1:Eliza is 2 years old & was rescued by her previous owners from an owner that had her locked in a closet where she only had drywall to eat.

She adopted me when they had to move & their new landlord was scared of pit bulls. Rich Wyckoff:Allie and Brody are both rescues. Allie is teaching her little brother the ins and outs of what faces you need to make to sucker their owners into giving them treats.

It’s working. westophervan:All smiles. Sariena Wotton-Foley: Riah Day:My little brother and I taking a nap with freckles (Fatty) Fayclis: 3 Girls and a Boy Laura Bobrowsky:Bubba keeping watch on his baby girl Jill Tyler McDaniels: woolysock:Mini is a rescue dog.

We call her our pit-belle 😉 Chloe Norman ILLJWILL11:The nicest, BIGGEST, (100 lb) lap dog I’ve ever had or seen! peebo:Child and cop friendly! Adam Mangel:This is my boy.

Had him since he was a little sausage. He’s 10 years old in April and he’s never attacked anyone. Jill Tyler McDaniels: mmmchelsea: Chrysta Cherrie:Our buddy, rescued by the Michigan Humane Society, is happily tuckered out after an afternoon playing in the yard.

Our handsome pit at the dog park! His favorite game is chased, only he’s the one that likes to be chased. 🙂 Stevie Manning:Hank loves people and pets of all shapes and sizes! Justin Moreno:Marley, the 5 year old Pitt bull hanging out with her favorite people in the entire world the1Murdoc: Heather DeWitt: Rick Minyard:I have one each of the top two breeds on the list.

And am all the better for it. terriecro:Ella just loves to snuggle on the couch doutsiderd:”Rocky” is a beautiful 18 month old pure pitbull, with 2 different eye colors! She positively thinks that she is human, uses the TOILET!,sleeps under the covers with my son and his girlfriend, has her own seat in the car, and as you can see, loves to dress cool!

She is adorable, loveable, great listener, talks to you intelligently, and is such an added family member! She is also gentle and kind with my 8 year old grandson, and loves to open his bedroom door with her paws when she is closed out from him! We love her!!!

Hannah Hilgeford:This is a photo of one of my three pitbulls adopted from a shelter! She had less than a week before she would be put down due to her breed when Adore-A-Bull Rescue stepped in and saved her. She is now an irreplaceable part of my family.

And as you can see here she has the most gentle touch and loving intentions while sitting with my Grandmother. KChance:She will attack you with her tongue. Kate6917:Bella my 8yr old Pitbull with my 1yr old being used as a couch by my 1yr old 3lb Chihuahua, Fiona Sharon Brown84:Rub my belly!!

Star is a Stafforshire Terrier/Pit Bull Cindy Parks Ross: CrazyDogLady4: Kristina Gale:Our pups Louie and Nina, having a playdate with Mitzi HuffPost Blogger Rayya Elias: michellejacobson: BeMoreDog:Zoey, a 2 year old rescued pitty/coon hound mix, would much rather cuddle then hurt a fly! terriecro:Spencer’s life was devoted to bringing joy to everyone and loved to give kisses! Kimberly McClain:We found Hank wandering in the desert while we were camping.

Skinny and lethargic but sweet as can be, he loves everyone and everything (kitties included). Now spends his days sleeping, eating, and playing with our two other dogs! Here’s Louie, our Pit/Newfoundland mix.

He was acting very guilty this afternoon so I immediately went on a hunt to figure out what he’d done. Laura Filtness:Brooklyn and Boss are both rescue dogs. Brooklyn was rescued in TN and has helped many people see just how fun loving the breed can be.

Boss was rescued by Animal Rescue Corps as part of Operation Forgotten Angels and now has high hopes of becoming a therapy dog. Della Earley: HuffPost Blogger Rayya Elias: rappublicist:Found on street with truck chain padlocked to neck. Look at him now!

Kathy Mc:This adorable girl was abandoned on the streets of NYC more than 3 years ago, and spent a year in foster care before she came to us. She loves sunshine and snuggling, even on a hammock! CrazyDogLady4: CourtneyColeman:Swami doing what pit bulls do best: being a couch potato.

bednarluck: Si Sa: Michelle Oosterloo:My bull terrier mix Poker. We got him through a rescue 3 years ago and he is the best dog I have ever known. He shares his home with 3 kids, a Boston Terrier and 4 cats.

In this pic, my then 5 year old daughter had the flu. He stayed with her all night. Didn’t even get up for his dinner.

Sabrina Reichstein Carey:Everyone wants to be on dad’s lap so they piled on 🙂 SamanthaBlake14:My nine year old Ozzy posing like a pin up girl. Ashley Pie: Wtebb001:Dexter is a rescue from VA Beach ACAC. He loves his people and playi8ng outdoors.

Cm123803:Raoul Duke giving kisses to his Aunt Greta. Candi Diamond:The very best dogs on the planet! Melissa LeBender:Party Animal Rebecca Mis:Amelia, an American Staffordshire Terrier, enjoying time with her squeaky ball.

Jamie Delgado:Paulie is a sweet 8 month old pitbull found in an abandoned car behind a restaurant. He has exhuberant energy and will chase balls all day long and learn tricks for yummy treats. He is available for adoption at the Grass Valley Animal Control shelter in CA.

Noir Dfault:Pancho is a rescue pup that has changed my life and lives of everyone he meets. He is a true example of the breed and the love of my life. Michael Brozovic:My boy Petey.

Michael Brozovic:Just loungin’ around. Jamie Delgado:Paulie is a sweet 8 month old pitbull found in an abandoned car behind a restaurant. He has exhuberant energy and will chase balls all day long and learn tricks for yummy treats.

He is available for adoption at the Grass Valley Animal Control shelter in CA. Jamie Delgado:Popeye was found as a stray being attacked by 2 other dogs, he just hid under a car. He is loves to chew on balls like they are gum and is learning how to sit still for doggie “cookies” He is available for adoption right now at the Grass Valley Animal Control shelter in CA.

mipadre: Eh653198:We adore all of our dogs!!!!! Athena Scheidet:Peewee and Bella Mia enjoying a swell cuddle s s s s:Rory & Cy, pit bull mixes, live in harmony with little sister Cookie and 2 cats! Diana DeGarmo:One of our failed foster, pit mixes.

The Face of Boe, Bowie for short, is the biggest baby of a dog you’ll ever meet. He was found on Christmas eve, tied to a fence by two policemen in NYC. I simultaneously want to shake his former owners for abandoning him and hug them because I’m so glad he’s mine.

Mostly shake though because Bowie was definitely not treated well previously. He’s living the good life now. Sabrina Reichstein Carey:Boxie the pibble loves her kitty and doggy friends 🙂 Heather Farquhar:Smudge at his book club sampista:A ball and some grass–pure bliss.

Ashley Thibault:Best dog in the world. My Dot, she’s 10. Pictured with her brothers Redgie and Bagpuss.

Robin Weissbohn Barnes: Wtebb001:Dexter and our other rescue Winter Robs Raven:Daddy’s Girl Meagan Jane:My Pit mix and my new boxer pup Souhaila El-Souki:Sweet Alice’s favorite spot to cuddle up and relax-my bed Souhaila El-Souki:My sweet Alice showing grandma love Souhaila El-Souki:My sweet Alice in her favorite comfy chair with my mom jlgclassof2000:Gemma at Guardian Pit Bull Rescue’s Kissing Booth gow81:My girls and their dogs, Ace our cocker spaniel and Kitty our pitbull. Laura Filtness:rooklyn and Boss are both rescue dogs. Brooklyn was rescued in TN and has helped many people see just how fun loving the breed can be.

Boss was rescued by Animal Rescue Corps as part of Operation Forgotten Angels and now has high hopes of becoming a therapy dog. Gurpreet Sandhu:Stella Eva Lagudi-Devereux:Our beautiful Rescue! We are constantly trying to overturn the stereotype of aggressive dangerous pit bulls.

She may cuddle you to death…. but I think thats it! Azsa Hanson: gow81:Always looking out for her.

Fred Aguirre:Sam and Mali garden keepers Rachel Harrison Massa:Shea spent the first year of his life passed around from shelter to foster home, and we still can’t understand why no one wanted him. Aside from being the sweetest most loving dog, he is the absolute best friend to our 3 year old son. His only problem is – he thinks he is a lap dog!

Sarah Miller Ross:Bauzy Boo Bear – the sweetest, most gentle baby boy ever 🙂 Pj Kendrick:Juneau is a ten month old rescued pit bull mix. She also happens to me the best friend a girl could ever hope for. Sarah Miller Ross:They love to snuggle, even when they don’t quite fit 😉 Vicki Gramm:Taking a break from all the fun.

Kim Wangnoo:My grandson Jaylen and his BFF, Rylee. Sweetest dog in the world. I was leery when my daughter got a Pit but Rylee changed my heart 100% DunkNorris:MooMoo is a beautiful rescued pit bull.

She loves to enjoy the warm summer sun on her face. Lizz Rockford:MOMMMYYYYY are you still fueling up the car I can’t see you Lindsay Henson:Roxy our rescue posing with her hat on July 4th. Ashley Duesler:Bailey (brown) 8 years old & Lola, 10 months old are the best of friends and snuggle buddies with my two boys!

Jill Spinello: Shannon Westphal Kubenez:Mr. Jack! Rebecca Cohen Clayter:Two rescued pit bulls = two VERY spoiled babies!

Beau was only 5 months old and roaming the streets of Philadelphia when we adopted him. Halo is a pure breed American Staffordshire Terrier whose family never registered her microchip! She’s our “foster failure”!

Heather Feamster: nvtribefan: Claudiagsb:The most amazing companions our family can have!Pita, Lilo and Rocky , rescued from a high kill shelter in FL, they now enjoying their days sunbathing or on the sofa! David Von Eschen:Madison as a puppy Eileen Finn:Our girl, Sunshine, has the cutest, goofiest grin ever. Jake McGee:Teddy in Shades ChristopherCharles:Baby was kept on a chain in a backyard for three years, She recently got her Canine Good Citizen certificate and is now training to be a therapy dog!

bcarmic:Patty the Pet Bull Cage LaCapitan:Stewie does not like to get out of bed. He’d rather snuggle than get up. casaroonc:The best dog that has ever been part of our family.

My boys could do anything to him when they were younger & he would tolerate it & give back love. He also understood over 100 words, he was very smart. He was truly a forever dog.

He is greatly missed. RonJRoy:First day home and so excited! Kristine Genovese:Blue is a 5 yr old rescued Pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback X who loves dressing up in costumes and playing with his 6 yr old human brother and border collie sister.

He is the most mellow dog we’ve ever had, and at 80 lbs is a big lap dog/cuddle bunny! Mags226:Benny the Pit Bull has four brothers who are all cats. They are best friends and take turns adoring each other.

Stacy Lusk:Juniper visiting the beach for the first time. We rescued her from a local shelter in July of this year. CJ Osburn:Acey lounging with his Dad Si Sa: Athena Scheidet: Athena Scheidet: Heather LaBone:my Zoe wearing my sock monkey hat 🙂 megrohrer: Erin Elysha:my heart 🙂 MusicalDeity:Simon, our beautiful rescue boy who could not be sweeter if he tried.

He went from shelter life to living with his new brother and sisters (Sheltie, Lab mix, and cat). He adores the pool and will swim all day if we let him! Marina Munoz de Martinez:Rescued is my favorite breed!

I don’t know what I would do without my rescued pitties, Duni and Whiteboy. Both of which faced discrimination before being rescued by Animal Humane New Mexico and adopted by me. They love their feline family members, kids, babies, and anyone else who will stop for a lick and a cuddle!

DC-Resident:Emma was a rescue. She’s a total mush who loves people, and is the unofficial mascot of my condo building. richdt:Nothing beats a Pittie kiss Stephanie Johnston:they are big hams!

they love to dress up for the camera. Kristin Lewallen:Duke is a sweet handsome prince! Melanie Keller:Turner is part of our family that includes 2 cats.

He’s a 60 pound cuddle-bug who loves people. cefraser:I adopted Minnie from the Orange County Animal Shelter when she was about 2 years old. She was a bit fearful at first, but with love and patience, she quickly overcame her understandable trust issues.

Now she loves everyone! Young, old, male, female, cat, bird (just not squirrels). Jonathan E Cole: cefraser:I adopted Minnie from the animal shelter when she was about two years old.

Not much was known of her life during those two years, but she was a bit fearful and nervous around people. After much love and patience, she loves everyone and everything! Young, old, male, female, cats, birds, just not squirrels!

Socialk:You’re going away for three days! Michael Lassins: lbsiegel3: Tyler Shemka: Kristin Lewallen:best buds, Duke and Bruce! Kathi Thompson McGee:Scarlett, my sweet pittie rescue tells Santa what she would like for the holidays.

Michele Levert:We be buds! Maren B Eliason:Sweet rescue from the OKC shelter. He is a super smart boy.

Very rambunctious, but eager to learn and please. Ashly R:Gunner would whine when I left, so I got him a buddy to keep him company. Now they’re inseparable Rachel Lovano:Tyson is a rescue pit mix, who was found in a box, left in a grocery store parking lot, with his brothers and sisters.

He loves people and dogs, and nap time! Callie Whitson:Babycow is my Pit Bull Mix rescue who is now a Canine Good Citizen! Designo614:Clowning around in the recliner with Julianne, attempting to nap.

oplin:Melhor Amigo! iridias:She’s just soooo happy when she gets to sleep in the bed. Hannah Hilgeford:Here is a shot of 2 of 3 of my rescued pitbulls and their foster sister.

The black and white puppy was with us only a short time before Adore-A-Bull Rescue found her the perfect family. 🙂 Diana Vaicius:Zuna and her boy Hannah Hilgeford:4th of July with my two precious rescue babies 🙂 Helen Argueta:My pit bulls are family dja4260:Cooling off after a fun run dja4260:Loves visits to pet shop Kaylee Amanda Sawyer:Charlie Brown is not the exception, he’s the rule! A well-behaved, friendly pitbull. Wendy Magro: Nikki Larmer:The most loving, cuddly, loyal dog you will ever meet.

Alicia Cintron:Playing dress up Alicia Cintron:Best friends Carrie Verde:My pit-mix Libby and her kitty-buddy, Otto. Alicia Cintron:Safire my sleepyhead Nicolay Adinaguev:A boy and his dog. A bond that lasts forever!

Jenna FitzPatrick:Our pit mix, Mac, loves to sleep and cuddle on the couch. MikeRandolph:This is 10 year old Elliot with my Partner at work. He is the office mascot and goes with him most days.

He is a beagle, boxer, lab, pit bull mix. We rescued him at 12 weeks. Our pride and joy.

Robyn Sokolow: Kate Lipa:The only thing that my Canine Good Citizen certified, deaf, beautiful pit bull chases…is her own tail! Mike Pfaff:Odin decided I should be the one to pull the wagon. Bayley Shean:Mother daughter bonding time meganariley:Meet my foster fail, Ashlee.

She was a rescued stray who came to me shortly after having puppies. Despite being abused by people in the past, she is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Bayley Shean:My baby Sasha Gilapi: William Steven Pitt:More than a family member:) Krista Hickman:My cat and my red nose pitbull snuggled up after a long day.

JenPrice:Ran the Man loves snuggles and moonlighting as the Easter Bunny! Ellie Speirs:My vicious pitbull, Jessy, with her best friend..a 5 1/2 pound cat named Maggie.

12 years and not an issue. Well, not with the dog 😀 Caitlin Andrews:Jupiter (a.k.a.

JsuJsu) LOVES picnics! Food first…then a nice walk down the beach. 🙂 William Steven Pitt:This pup puts up with all kinds of human requirements and never complains. She is the most intelligent dog we’ve ever had and the most loving.

Michael Daflos:She bites his face while he sleeps. She steals his bones, she chews his tail, and he just sits there, waiting for a head scratch LaShea:Sometimes, they let us get in bed too. Dana Mueller Wehrheim: Lizz Rockford:Roscoe on her first day home!

Squirticus Minimus: Diana Nemergut:Neva picked out Coco when she was just a year old. She crawled away from us and we found her cuddled up with Coco through the cage. Some things never change.

Diana Nemergut:Neva insisted on throwing the ball for Otto the morning of her school pictures. Tessa Vann: NAS19:Ted the Staffie and Frank the Frenchie catching some morning sun. They are BFF’s.

Krysta Tulenko:Stoli, he got that name because he is such a sweet and lovable guy he cannot hold his licker. He just loves to give people kisses. Kathy Robert: Kathy Robert: Carrie Kirchberg Fox:We love X-mas!

Julie Tusco: sabopesk:My name is Henry, I like socks, other dogs, and licking people til they can’t breathe. I’m a good dog. Harriet ES:sweet with people, and dogs!

Leila Jocelyn:My studiously fearsome rescue pit Mack. It would be impossible to find a better dog. MQuick:Mayzee is a stray I picked up off the side of the road, and kept after I could not locate her owner.

I adopted Zoe because her time was up, after having been returned to the shelter for, among other things, being “a wuss for a pit bull”. Both are happy, loving, sweet dogs who share a home with two other dogs and several cats. mvr5071:This is her reaction when I tell her to sit down in a different language.

Betsey Hench:I’ve never understood why people think bully breeds are bad. All mine ever want to do is cuddle. Bonnie Ladwig:Madiba’s all heart and soul, my very best friend and love of my life.

Laurie Moe:Amadeus and the sweet peas Laurie Moe:Pretty girl jillbryant:This isn’t the best pic but I wanted to send one where she is in the middle of her doggie day care. She has also been through beginning, intermediate, agility and she’s passed her Canine Good Citizen test –still people come up to me and tell me she might turn on me, or “why have a dog that kills children”, etc. The ignorance is very hard to stomach.

I bet there will still be anti-pitbull comments even here from people who “know.” Paul Stiller:This guy is going to ‘eat your face off’…I do not think so. JoAnn Pfeiffer Angoski: JoAnn Pfeiffer Angoski:Ozzy and his baby sister Tasha. Both APBT.

He is fixed, she will be. I’ve had many people not believe Pit puppies are so small – apparently they come out full grown and ready to kill. *eye roll* JoAnn Pfeiffer Angoski: JoAnn Pfeiffer Angoski:My 4 month old puppy Tasha. Will Garling: Jaimie Shubin:Bella 10yo pit who sleeps in my bed every night!

Melissa A Bello: Dainey:Bruno, My American Bully 🙂 Who wants to restrict that face!! Robbie Ames:Maggie the pitbull & Oliver the cat watching the world go by… Chef David Edelstein M:Team Pit-a-Full (Mr Kane, Little Daze, Forrest) Denver, CO Kim Luckhardt:cuddly time Ashley Cunningham:Best Buds.

D W:Noble, loving, Mr. Congeniality. Shana Tourville: Tory James:Pibblemix Annie Ba Nanas:My handsome Pit/Bassett mix.

Makes me and the community smile every day 🙂 Megan Tuders:Jax snuggling with his sister, Suzie. Krista Beacher:Three female bully mixes are fast friends, and love watching the Flyers with us. Jeremiah O:Best buddies Britneyrose:Rex and Butters!

suzi o:Marty is a very special rescue dog. When we first fostered him, he was recovering from starvation and a case of demodectic mange so severe that his fur had been eaten away and his legs were bleeding. He was only 45 lbs.

Today, after ACL and meniscus surgeries, he is super happy and healthy:) mandaleeee: bselbo:Just two peas in the pod Roxsee:He wasn’t a dog, he was my furbabie. BrandNV: MamaMichie:My 2 year old Zeny and then 4 month old Nala sharing a bone the day they met. Now that’s love!

c34: LoraF:My Bolt:) BC1973:Making herself right at home on my favorite chair! nmctague: bellaash:”Good morning mom” Melissa Keller:Lucy is my best friend. She makes my life better every day.

Pat Nalin:I came home to my pit bull, Nittany, with a bag of chips stuck on her head…that’s what she gets for going through the trash while I’m at work. Andrea Altieri:My rescue pittie Iris and her buddy from Day care, Rocco Andrea Altieri:Iris loves daycare and Rocco. She’s the sweetest dog EVER.

Pat Nalin:Penn State proud! Andrea Altieri:Another day at day care. Iris was rescued from the HSGB who found her after she’s been hit, and likely dragged behind, a car.

mamakat122002:My baby boy! mamakat122002:My big boy on his 1st bday, wouldn’t know what I would do without his big heart! mamakat122002:They have that kind of relationship.

My son & his Hulk! dawnathefrog:Daisy! tictoc80:Yogi (the all fawn one) being a good big foster brother to another new foster, Diego (white & fawn one)…..Yogi was one of my fosters (his name was Sarge then), but after being passed over by several adopters & several non-qualified adopters; I adopted him because of his absolute love & gentleness and to show & prove to others how to harness a 7-yr old males power & drive in a positive and productive way.

When he came to me as a foster, 2 months before his 7th bday, he hadn’t been neutered, trained (at all), walk properly on a leash, or been made to follow any consistent rules throughout his entire life. By the time I adopted him, after fostering him for 3 months, he was an awesome leash walker & excelling in his obedience class. He daily proves all he meets that stereotypes are wrong and BSLs are even more wrong.

I LOVE THIS BIG GUY!!!! tictoc80:Yogi (the all fawn one) being a good big foster brother to another new foster, Diego (white & fawn one)…..Yogi was one of my fosters (his name was Sarge then), but after being passed over by several adopters & several non-qualified adopters; I adopted him because of his absolute love & gentleness and to show & prove to others how to harness a 7-yr old males power & drive in a positive and productive way. When he came to me as a foster, 2 months before his 7th bday, he hadn’t been neutered, trained (at all), made to walk properly on a leash, or been made to follow any consistent rules throughout his entire life.

By the time I adopted him, after fostering him for 3 months, he was an awesome leash walker & excelling in his obedience class. He daily proves all he meets that stereotypes are wrong and BSLs are even more wrong. I LOVE THIS BIG GUY!!!!

CrystalWalker2004:This is Gator. He is a 7 month old Pit Bull in Buena Vista, Co. He is pictured with my son, Cody.

They are practically joined at the hip at times. KathieR: rkratzer:Mrs. Zippy at Coral Pink State Park, Utah.

2014 rkratzer:Pete the Pitt Bull relaxing at home. David J Stancil:Rescued this wonderful Pit from the street. She attacked us with kisses and love from the first moment we saw her.

Absolutely one of the most loving and affectionate animals I have ever known. missmunchr:This is my pit that me and my husband rescued when he was only 7 months old. He had been badly beaten and starved.

He is now a loving healthy 5 year old baltimoregal:Stella was one of 8 puppies born to a rescued, abandoned dog in East Baltimore. I picked her out at two weeks of age, and we’ve been together ever since. She has a super wiggly butt, loves to kiss and snuggle, and adores my husband even though she’s only known him for about a year and a half.

Bookala:Do you know I love you?

2LoveABull:Going for a car ride to Grandma’s house Sean Hender:Our little girl is a gentle sweetheart Temmita99:My little guy and our adopted dogs, Pansy and Petunia. amyjones42:Walter enjoying a snow day with his mommy helga hills:My pit bull Olive will do anything for sunshine. She seeks it out and relaxes.

She follows the sun around the room throughout the day. BargainMama:Helping me tag my items for Just Between Friends, Chattanooga! Nic PDX:The Three Amigos Nic PDX:Couch Potato Kathi Thompson McGee: Nic PDX:Ole!

Learmstrong: Nic PDX:rawwwwwwr Nic PDX:Take Time To Smell The Roses Nic PDX:Joy! Samanthakoda:My pup artpm: Alejandra Vega Baez:Mom and daughter marley0904:These two can’t stand to be away from each other. danielle t88: mayabear:Christmas PJs bekindandshare:Too busy entertaining and napping to be vicious.

nannybanany:Professional Akita Wrestler marly413:I found Corky half dead on the side of the road a few years ago. She was covered in ticks, had a gross case of worms, was emaciated, her collar was growing into her skin from at one time being too tight, and it appeared as though she had had pups not too long before. The moment I got out of my car, she turned on her back, I scooped her up, and she’s been with us ever since.

Everytime I see or hear her dreaming, I hope to the Universe she’s not having nightmares of that first, horrible part of her life. She will never want for ANYTHING again. She’s a beautifully strange and sensitive dog whom we will love dearly forever.

Shelby Swatek:This is Glynda whom we pulled from Clayton County Animal Control in Jonesboro, Georgia when she was about to be killed. She wasn’t photographing well because of her dark cocoa coat and matching eyes and getting passed over. She now needs to find a forever home or rescue.

She is very beautiful and very sweet. GibsonGirl03:My two beautiful girls, Jemma (left) is a pittie mix, and Scout is a Heinz 57. MetalX: MetalX: RockysMama: gharms12:Our baby pitty at the vet.

This was a few months back…. she’s almost 7 months now! jennewagner:Sir loves to make new friends!

hpusr:Either on or in the bed; her favourite place. hpusr:Playing catch with her companion, who is out of shot. hpusr:She gets up on the bed, touches her nose to my face to wake me, and I’m supposed to lift up the blankets into a cave shape for her to circle down into.

hpusr:These two were instantaneous best friends the day she arrived. They love to chase, play tug-of war and keepings off, and then flop down near each other to nap. Daema Scarlette:Zoey was a great pitbull, and my best four-legged friend.

She was a wonderful nanny to many kittens, played gently with small animals, and was well mannered at the dog park. She was the best, and I don’t see how anyone could ever, EVER call her dangerous! wowwhatagreatday:All it takes is is great food, a great vet, a great home and lots of love to save a life….

tammaru:Kaari stole a pair of socks to make a pillow! Denise22222:Beautiful Beasley lilmcsmamma:Our old girl Lucie and our only son Michael ^_^ She loves to cuddle pitbullmama32: pitbullmama32: Iris Sandrell:Happy was a rescue we did from a backyard breeder when his owner abandoned him due to parvo. He had a cage too small, dog food full of mold, and the man said, “Take him just promise not to bring him back.” No problem.

He had “kitchen cropped ears at 4 months.” No shots. Name: Slappy. Recovered, shots, over parvo and re-named our baby is HAPPY!

Mochajosie:Mocha and Joe….my two sweethearts! steffyb:GLAD THEY ARE LOOKING FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE NOW! Simba15:Justice relaxing on a summer day one year after being rescued from a high killed shelter.

She is my best friend. Mark Conklin: rdmojeske:Best Dog ever (loves her Ball) rdmojeske:please come outside and throw the ball to me…. Dagmar Staas: LuLu Baksen:Duke just loves the ladies.

Also, Puppies, kittens, baby’s, and well just about everyone! LuLu Baksen:Duke just loves the ladies. Also, Puppies, kittens, baby’s, and well just about everyone!

chynnagal: tbone92:Please get these silly things off me Bill T:At the dinner table. Keeping an eye on things. akafishbone1061:pit bull owners group united find us on facebook.

we are a groups of wonderful, responsible owners whom help to advocate for the breeed mmmorphine:Someone just mentioned food. greeneyedgirl927:A Pit makes life so amplified. They do everything with gusto…more love, more fun, more devotion, more of everything.

They’re amazing creatures that have so much to offer. provasek:Adopted from White Settlement TX animal shelter, 3 years old this March. Colin Hedden: JillysBeans: HeyHowe:Charlie (left) was born in foster care after her mother was rescued from being chained.

Gus (right) was rescued after being used as a bait dog in Gary, IN. The two of them are the sweetest, snuggliest puppies we’ve ever met, and they bring so much joy to our lives! cooperdjm: FNLN:In his classic “hello, ladies” pose lauraebock:Carl – Atlanta, GA jamielynn40: Jacqueline Gerhard:’Could you tell me the story about how you rescued me again, Dad?’ bestshiraz:This is my beautiful Falkor.

He was found chained and abandoned in yard whose owners had moved away. He had a big gash in his throat and one of his back legs was all small and didn’t work, from some injury that was never treated. We had to remove it but he doesn’t know its gone!

You should see how he patiently sits there while my niece plays doctor on him! bestshiraz:My Falkor, rescued from being chained and abandoned. He WILL NOT sleep, not even to take a nap, unless he is curled under the covers.

greenmulberry: tillycat22:Dobby is an angel. He loves to snuggle and always steals my pillow. I don’t know what I would do without my Dobby-bear.

CHICO13:ACE Jolie83:This is Tora, a 3 year old pibble from St. Petersburg, Fla. mpoteet1976:I rescued Jesse from an Atlanta shelter.

He weighed 13 lbs at 6 months old.That was 6 years ago and, as you can see, he spends his days rolling in the flowers, napping in his Snuggie, and stealing bites of my ice cream. mpoteet1976:We rescued Holly from a rescue agency. A small dog rescue had no idea how to keep a pit bull, so they left her in a crate 24/7.

When we saved her, she could barely stand up. Now she spends her autumn days rolling in the leaves. hsroka77:Slate and Tawny, I like them better than most humans, best decision I ever made was bringing them into my home!

MCate:Clarabelle (6y, left) and Jillian (6y) are both rescues. Clara was shot in the face by her previous owner and dumped in a ditch. The angels at Noah’s Ark Society of Nashville, TN found her & a surgeon did facial reconstruction.

Partial lower jaw, but FULL of life and it doesn’t limit her at all. She & Jill are best friends and incredibly loving to everyone. Adopted Clara in July 2013 and Jillian in August 2008.

muadibe:I know I had surgery, but PLEASE get this thing off me! wdmarsden:Marlo’s World Famous PitGrin 90 lbs of pure love Cristina M Hudson:Pickle is famous. He’s been on the cover of GoRiverwalk magazine.

He is the most gentle and loving dog I’ve ever known TrotFox:This lr143:Pit bull type dogs are no more dangerous than any other dogs. They should be looked at as individuals. My loves, Zoe, Charlie, Adrienne and Mya 360modena:This is Wilson, a pit mix, who I adopted from the AZ Humane Society almost four years ago.

He was abused as a pup which resulted in the loss of his eye. He can catch a ball like no other dog I’ve seen! He’s my buddy and my protector, as I am his!

Michele Levert:This is my 11mo old APBT Diesel. Loves everyone, plays at the dog park, and visits neighbors for play times. Welcomed in every store we visit that is dog friendly too!

He even plays with chickens and cats, and sleeps with a pet chicken in home. pits4ever:Never had a single pit that wasn’t EXCELLENT with kids! Stun:Enjoying life.

msfit378:Rusty raises his 4th abandoned kitten, Una. CrazyPitbullLady:My rescued canine companions with our flock of free range chickens. Karma was a last chance rescue, Casey is a former fighting dog, and Phoenix was at a high kill shelter.

CrazyPitbullLady:Know what this cat is afraid of? Absolutely nothing, he has his backups to keep him safe. Charli1984:She is the best Pamela Antrup-Compton:She was beautiful in heart and soul.

krumbz:best friends jelliebeen27:Our pittie babies Monkey and Miss Moose. gjsarine:Sookie will take all the love she can get! Cassee09: Lexdunham: SuzycidalT:Our sweetest girl.

lateeda23:Found as a stray, and now happy as a clam. She has amazing coloring – and even better, an incredibly affectionate personality. ourcherrybabypit:u talkin to me?

ourcherrybabypit:My daughter and her sister’s pit, hound and chiweenie! LJ0525: ALC1984:Best friends and partners in crime. Julie Burriss Green:Hootie & Spawn – Spawn was a foster dog that we were just supposed to have 2 weeks…well 7 years later, he is still here.

He is the best dog a boy could possibly have, they are best friends!! donnade:Brix and Daisy Cuddling Becki Pacetti: Our deaf rescue bull terrier pulled from the streets of Houston, Texas. She was used as a bait dog and even has a bullet left in her head.

Sweetest dog ever despite her past RetroGlider:Birthday Boy! RetroGlider:She is my Sunshine Angel 1 Ruiz:My pit crew – (L-R) Guero 5 yrs, Lola 1 1/2 yrs, Shiloh 5 yrs. Shiloh, Guero’s litter mate, joined our pack last fall when my brother could not keep her.

She is a special needs pup and I can’t imagine life without my pit crew. All three are well socialized, love their kids and their kitty pals. Best.dogs.ever.

Blame the deed not the breed!! AsaJames:Asa James was found in a dumpster – He has been the most loved for almost 11 years!! ddepew:Waking up from a nap ddepew: Julie Burriss Green:Hootie & Spawn – Spawn was a foster dog that we were just supposed to have 2 weeks…well 7 years later, he is still here.

He is the best dog a boy could possibly have, they are best friends!! Martin Goff: MJToz: Camilleon1366:Besties! Brandi Hyatt:Someone’s a little spoiled!!

boppills:Adopt, Rescue, Spay and Neuter. Consider an elder dog; our girl is 12 and truly the best! DECardenas: skatestewart:Ada + Deezy Rhillrev:Juice and his best man.

Gin and Juice Pits. Karleen A: Barry Land:Not sure what dad was, mom was a typical Pit Bull. dianefen:Augie is terrified of thunderstorms.

We used my daughter’s small, tight-fitting t-shirt as a “thunder shirt” and Augie seemed pretty happy with that. alicial:Here’s Mica, the Bully and her best buddy, Chico (the Boston Terrier) aronmichinski: aronmichinski: sosuaveone: sosuaveone: StefyPearl:Our sweet boy we got from the Humane Society! Such a good, loving, and devoted baby!

grizzly11:chillin’ Diane Davies:Trooper (in the “pit flop” position) and his new BFF, “Libby” (my rescued dog from the NY ACC “Kill” list) are out sunning themselves and enjoying life. Andrea Stinson:Brady & Dolly heatherine:My FIRST 2 Doggs ever, if it wasn’t for my Nd, I would have never known, how AMAZING it is to own a PIT BULL, NOT 1 but 2!!! My world is nothing with out these 2 AMAZINGLY, ADORABLE, CUDDLE BUGGS!!….

THEY are MY WORLD# charlottesmom812: Sue Ponder:My Grandbaby and Kadance AClark08:My sweet boys.. Spartacus & Zeus 🙂 Volffe:5yr-old Duchess pit/shepherd mix and 10wk-old Duke (now 6mos) pit/boxer mix. Not her pup, but she has trained him better than I.

She had him walking without struggle on a leash in under a minute! jojostar:The affinity for love missyasmith724: adamclamonica: derek sibert:Sumo (the big tan one), Fonzie (the white one behind him), China (the black on the couch), and Althea (the greying mix on the right) have been buddies since birth. Althea came first and she’s still alive at 18.

Sumo came next. (he passed at 12 a couple years ago) China joined next and was Sumo’s younger sister. (She passed this year at almost 13) Fonzie joined last and is Althea’s nephew. (He’s going strong at 13) There was nothing better than having all these pooches cuddle up with you on a cold Ohio day. Best dogs ever. loz face:this isn’t what i meant when i said lets go for a drive Tori Lynne Elder:She stayed in bed like this for at least four hours.

AlexisR:Our little theatre troupe mascot Shina Vishak: Shina Vishak: Shina Vishak: Shina Vishak: Shina Vishak: supay: supay: cnc280:jasmines a lover taking a nap with her little laci cnc280: cnc280:Jasmine is the sweetheart she loves hanging out with the kids Repipulous:Pippy being “repipulous”. Shea Mastin:My daughter Savannah and our pit, Zelda. mia2nwk: Mom2Milo:I could not allow the township to kill my dog…we moved.

Michael Hoard:Love that smile skoops:We get bigger nelovell:You talking to me? Ellimac55:Gotta enjoy the sun where ever you can get it. fwestonsmith: chrissielaborde:This is Ari…starvation survivor!!!

He is now healthy, happy and ready to find his forever home. Please visit or his very own FB page at to learn more about him! Sl0716:These puppies are the best of friends to me and to each other!

krystalrenae:From day one of meeting our daughter, Leo was in love. He’s her guardian angel.. has to be where she is and if she cries or even spits up, he comes to get mommy or daddy so they can take care of her.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! krystalrenae:From the first day we brought our daughter home, Leo was in love! He’s her guardian angel, watches over her day and night.

If she cries or spits up, he gets mommy and daddy before we’re even able to get to her. He’s like her little nanny. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup!

LisaAnn Stuetzel:The best thing that has ever happened to me is my two year old Staffy Schatzi! She is the most loyal, goofy, cuddly, caring lovebug in the world! At first some people didn’t like her because they saw her as this vicious dog.

With time they saw how playful and nice she was and that all she wants is love and attention. Some might think I’m obsessed with her but she is just like a child to me. I wish so much they would put an end to BSL!

Don’t punish the breed, punish the deed!! TikaFo:Pitbulls are the most loving dogs. Those who own them can turn them into whatever they want BECAUSE they are so unconditionally loving.

Michael Aldana:Lucy and my son sleeping Mother3:D’Argo MargaretMary420:My Pit Mix MargaretMary420: umeandthepress: smurk75:”You know where to find me!” smurk75:”You know where to find me!” MargaretMary420:My handsome boy skwallacet:Odie (my weinie) with his big brother Optimus Prime! Mandalays:Nina was resuced 9/14/2008 at a year old, she is my entire heart.. I can honestly saw she gives me a reason to live.

bykwrench: Tikaelin:Ava Marie and Emma Lou doing some “tummy time” XrunaB:Kobe is a snuggle monster that loves to give kisses…even if he has to lay on your face or paw your blankets off to do it. Snowleopard2050:Puppy Playtime with Elijah! Snowleopard2050:My pitbull Elijah with his buddy Hercules the Rotti.

2 fearsome bully breeds showing nothing but love wooty99:I fostered 2 Pitbull/Dachshund mixed puppies. I never really liked Pittys before that much, but these puppies were in need of a place to stay for a short term. Needless to say I fell in love and adopted one of them, Lilly.

She is a great addition to our pack and everyone loves her.

the most loving dog I have ever met Trying on bronzer at Sephora!

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Truck Driver Vows To Fight After ‘World’s Sweetest Animal’ Taken …

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