Watch: Shropshire lorry driver’s crash outburst goes viral …

PUBLISHED: April 23, 2015 08:00 LAST UPDATED: April 23, 2015 08:58 A lorry driver from Shropshire was so furious when he was in an accident with a car towing a caravan that he published video footage on Facebook. The video became a sensation, with more than two million views in less than 48 hours. It shows the two drivers getting involved in a heated discussion after they came together on the M6 motorway in the Midlands.

Mark Hazell s footage, believed to have been recorded on the M6 near the M5 slip road at junction 8 on Sunday, shows the unidentified driver of the caravan attempt to pull over in front of the lorry. You idiot you moron! The dashboard camera evidence is conclusive.

As the Shropshire lorry driver drives slowly down the M6 near the M5 slip road, a car towing a caravan looms in the outside lane, before starting to move across. The car-caravan combination continues to do so as if the lorry is not there. The result is a slow motion collision in which the car is turned at right angles across the front of the lorry.

We warn you, the video posted on Facebook by the lorry driver then contains some swearing. Now the case for the defence. You idiot you moron!

The dashboard camera evidence is again conclusive. A car towing a caravan indicates and starts to pull across to try to filter in to a queue. The lorry continues to hold the inside line as if the car and caravan are not trying to get in.

Two lanes become one and kerumph. What it proves, m lud, is that one or other of the parties should have and could have given way, but didn t. Time then, to put it all before the jury.

That s you, our readers, by the way. What do you think? It shows the lorry driving along a sliproad through the roadworks on the motorway.

The car which is towing the caravan appears on his right hand side and indicates left. The car in front of the lorry manages to accelerate out of harm s way, but the lorry has nowhere to go. Both vehicles continue to travel along the sliproad for a little while until they come to a halt.

The footage shows the caravan jack-knifing, blocking the exit and coming to rest in front of the lorry. Trucker Mr Hazell is then shown leaving his vehicle to confront the confused driver. Mr Hazell, whose dash-cam captured the entire drama, can be heard giving the man a dressing-down in no uncertain terms.

The car driver in turn gestures back to the lorry driver and a woman is seen walking on to the carrigeway to remove traffic cones at the side of the motorway.

Posted on Mr Hazell s Facebook account, the video capturing the scene became a hit before it was removed, with more than two million views Mr Hazell reportedly posted on his Facebook that he intended to hand two more videos of the crash over the police, asking them to investigate the conduct of the driver towing the caravan but West Midlands Police said it had not received a complaint or any videos.

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Watch: Shropshire lorry driver’s crash outburst goes viral …

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