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Denmark | Scania Newsroom

The YETD final is bound to be an exciting competition where both newcomers and seasoned veterans will show off their truck driving skills. This year s lineup consists of drivers with various backgrounds and skills all of which will be tested thoroughly. Sa a Hli , Croatia Lars S ndergaard, Denmark Sa a Hli from Croatia has been driving trucks for 15 years .

He often transports high-value cargo in his daily work so has developed great proficiency in cargo securing and defensive driving . He believes his weak spot will be the fire and rescue challenge. Lars S ndergaard from Denmark won the most recent Danish national final and claimed second place in 2012.

He is also a veteran driver with a 14-year truck-driving career behind him.

Sondergaard believes that his strongest skills are manoeuvring and cargo securing but thinks that first aid is his weakest discipline.

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