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Chiara interview at Eurofest: Eurovision 1998, 2005, 2009 Memories

If you re a fan of Eurovision then we really don t need to introduce Malta s Chiara Siracusa. One of the most successful Eurovision contestants ever, she came third in 1998 (losing to Dana International) and second in 2005 (finishing behind Helena Paparizou 1 ). When she returned in 2009 fans went crazy.

Not even her 22nd-place finish could dampen their love for this diva from the Med. So when she came to the UK in July to perform at Eurofest 2 London s hottest Eurovision club night we just had to chat with her. Special Eurofest correspondent Vaughn S cozied up to Chiara ahead of her performance and they talked about everyting from her album LOLZ to her experience almost winning to her edgy (and very pink) hair. You can watch the full interview below. Chiara Interview at Eurofest UK On her fame in Malta It s very difficult to have a private life. On such a small island, when you get into this scene you give away a lot. But in time you get used to it. It s nice because you do get pampered it s good to be Chiara on a small island! On her wild hair style and edgy look I ve always been this kind of person, but for Eurovision they always try to tone you down.

This is the real me. This is how I feel comfortable. On her snub from Macedonia In her three appearances at Eurovision, FYR Macedonia has never awarded her any points. I ve finally accepted that I m not their kind of music, she says. On losing to Dana International For me it was very disappointing. I remember before the last votes, Kevin Bishop a producer from the BBC came up to me and said take off your tag because you re going to sing again. Then all of a sudden the cameras turned to Israel and she won I remember going to my dressing room and crying and not wanting to see anyone. On What if We My father had just passed away, and before he passed away he expressed the wish for me to go back to Eurovision and he said, I believe you can win this festival. That was done for him.

Chiara at Eurovision 1998 Chiara at Eurovision 2005 Chiara at Eurovision 2009 References ^ Helena Paparizou (wiwibloggs.com) ^ Eurofest (www.facebook.com)

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Chiara interview at Eurofest: Eurovision 1998, 2005, 2009 Memories

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