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A bad parking job led to an impaired driving charge for a 50 year old man from Thames Centre. THAMES CENTRE – A 50 year old man has been charged with impaired driving after police were called about a parking violation. Middlesex OPP were called to the 100 block of Queen Street in Dorchester on Monday night after a blue ford truck was blocking a driveway. Before police could arrive the man left the scene heading eastbound on Queen Street. OPP caught up to him a short while later and the officer determined the driver had been drinking alcohol and he was given a roadside test. After failing that test and another one at the station the man from Thames Centre was charged with care or control over 80 mgs.


Refuse worker John Head killed by reversing dustcart at Veolia recycling plant …

A refuse worker died when a dustcart reversed into him and crushed him after a safety feature had been switched off, an inquest heard. John Head, who worked at the Veolia plant in Military Road, Folkestone, for 20 years, died instantly when a he was run over by a vehicle at the recycling transfer station. Several of Mr Head’s family were in court as the hearing was held before a jury today. John Head was killed by a dustcart The inquest heard how an automatic braking system designed to stop vehicles when objects were behind them had been disabled by the driver. Clifford White was reversing the dustcart which Mr Head fell under. He described how his banksman Peter Hudson was on his near side as Mr Head walked across the yard from the opposite side of his dustcart. He said: “I’m reversing back and checking my mirrors all the time to make sure I don’t hit the truck behind and the next thing I know is he’s holding his arms out to stop.” John Head was killed in an incident at the Veolia depot in Shorncliffe Mr White, a driver with more than 40 years experience, gave evidence saying he had disabled the system to make his manoeuvre easier. He told the inquest drivers did this to stop the brakes being applied when they reversed up to walls or loading bays. “It should still bleep at you in the cab. I don’t recall it bleeping,” he said. “He jumped out and I assumed he was going to the toilet and that was the last time I saw him. I heard a scream and shouts to get an ambulance” – David Cokely But tests carried out by HSE specialist Charles Simmons-Jacobs, a chartered engineer, revealed the Sentinel safety system – the automatic braking system and the alarm inside the cab – fitted to the vehicles as well as the external warning alarm were functioning. He added there were inconsistencies with the detection zone regarding the exact distances at which both the alarm inside the cab and brakes were triggered. But he confirmed had the brake override not been activated, the brakes would have been applied. He was unable to confirm if this would have saved Mr Head from going underneath the vehicle but believed the brakes would have been applied if Mr Head entered the detection zone as a result of the tests showing the system was not faulty. Kevin Golding, an inspector at the Health and Safety Executive, said it was reasonable to expect drivers to turn the system off when operating in such a tight space. He added changes have since been made at the site to reduce the amount of reversing around the site which he described as having “significant hazards”. Floral tributes left to John Head in Shorncliffe Mr Golding said: “In terms of the investigation it’s still ongoing. “The important part is reversing should be kept to a minimum. “But the nature of the site at the time was to reverse a considerable amount. “It was a very busy yard and a lot of vehicles moving and reversing going on.” He added the HSE had written to Veolia stating it thought “reversing activity was greater than required” breaching legislation. Shornecliff Folkestone Veolia depot The court heard site rules were that no pedestrians should be walking across the yard but that Mr Head would have had to be walking about in his role as a loader and banksman for his driver David Cokely. Mr Cokely, who has been driving dustcarts for nine years, gave evidence. He said: “We’d finished a load and came back and weighed off. “There were multiple injuries typical of severe crushing centred on the trunk which were not survivable” – Dr David Rouse, pathologist “He jumped out and I assumed he was going to the toilet and that was the last time I saw him. “I heard a scream and shouts to get an ambulance.” He added Mr Head seemed in a good mood and “was looking forward to the weekend”. Pathologist Dr David Rouse ruled out natural causes as a factor in Mr Head’s death. Toxicology reports showed no evidence of alcohol or drugs in his blood and no evidence of any medical cause which would have impaired his ability, Dr Rouse said. He told the court: “There were multiple injuries typical of severe crushing centred on the trunk which were not survivable.” He confirmed Mr Head died instantly. The jury returned a unanimous verdict of accidental death. They concluded there were a number of distractions which contributed to him falling underneath the dustcart but could not establish why he was crossing the yard.

NJ man recalls effort to save carjacking victim 0

NJ man recalls effort to save carjacking victim

WEST DEPTFORD TWP. [1] When Diamond Yorker spotted a woman carjacking a motorist on Interstate 295 [2] Tuesday evening, he said he tried to intervene. Hanging onto the passenger’s side door, trying to fend off the carjacker with the victim still inside, Yorker eventually had to let go as the vehicle accelerated. He just hoped the victim would be OK. The carjacker, who has not been identified by state police, was eventually arrested and taken for a psychological evaluation after causing a two-vehicle crash, police reported. She faces several charges. Yorker, 28, of Swedesboro, was leaving the towing company he owns on Crown Point Road off I 295 Tuesday evening when he saw a woman lying in the middle of the northbound side of the highway. He was in his truck with his mechanic. Yorker thought she might be under the influence of drugs or trying to commit suicide. The woman got up and began pacing around the middle of I 295, he said. Yorker drove from Crown Point Road onto I 295 south and parked on the shoulder. “She started walking back and forth,” Yorker said. After some exchanges with passing drivers, she hopped over the concrete lane divider and into the southbound side. “Sure enough, 20 seconds later, a silver Taurus, I think, hits right into the median,” he said. “She was pacing, up and down, in the fast lane, waving her hands around at cars. She got so close. I thought she got hit.” After the vehicle hit the divider, Yorker said some cars began to slow down. MORE: Alleged bank robber arrested after barricading himself in West Deptford home [3] A vehicle, driven by a woman in her early to mid 30s, slowed down enough for the pedestrian to open the passenger’s side door and jump inside, he said. Yorker got out of his truck and rushed to help. “The woman leaned over; she’s trying to grab the driver’s face, and the car was moving. The driver is screaming,” Yorker said. Yorker grabbed the woman’s leg to try and restrain her as she climbed over the center console and mashed her foot down on the gas pedal with the driver still in her seat. “It was in park, and it was just revving,” Yorker said The carjacker was eventually able to put the shifter in drive and began driving off with her hands on the wheel and foot and body halfway over the center console. The victim remained in the driver’s seat. She seemed petrified, he said. “Finally, it was going so fast, I had to let go,” Yorker said, adding that the car almost hit the median as it began to accelerate. Yorker and his mechanic pursued in their vehicle. The vehicle slowed to about 5 mph. The carjacker then pushed the driver out the car in the middle of the highway, Yorker said. He saw the victim get to her feet. “She was bent over holding her stomach,” he said. “You could see in her face she was hysterical. I just took off, and I got down to exit 17. I called the police department.” The woman took southbound Exit 10 in Logan Township and drove onto the grass of the median before the traffic light and got out of her vehicle. She started waving her hands at passing vehicles, according to a witness account. A car stopped, and the male driver and female passenger got out to make sure the woman was OK. After the driver let the woman use his cellphone, the woman then attempted to steal the couple’s car. The male driver fended the woman off, and the couple was able to get away. They also called the police. Authorities apprehended the woman shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday night. She was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. She faces multiple criminal charges, and officials said on Wednesday that after she is released from the hospital, she will be taken to jail. She has not been identified by authorities. No injuries were reported in connection with the incident. Spencer Kent may be reached at [email protected] [4] . Follow him on Twitter @SpencerMKent [5] . Find the South Jersey Times on Facebook [6] . References ^ WEST DEPTFORD TWP. ( ^ woman carjacking a motorist on Interstate 295 ( ^ Alleged bank robber arrested after barricading himself in West Deptford home ( ^ [email protected] ( ^ @SpencerMKent ( ^ South Jersey Times on Facebook (