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Norwich City chief Alex Neil insists there is work still to do in Robbie Brady …

Norwich manager Alex Neil has Robbie Brady in his sights. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd Focus Images Limited +447814 482222 Alex Neil confirmed Norwich is pulling out all the stops to try and complete a deal for Hull City s Robbie Brady. The Republic of Ireland international did not travel with the Tigers squad to their pre-season Austrian training camp this weekend amid reports the Humberside club are finally ready to sanction a 7m move to Carrow Road after a protracted summer chase. Neil, speaking after City rounded off their own tour of Austria and Germany with a 2-1 friendly win against FC Augsburg in Prien, insists there is still work ahead before the 23-year-old becomes his third signing of the summer. There is nothing more I can say on that. If it does become a done deal then we will let people know, he said. At this present moment in time work is going on behind the scenes but nothing has been completed yet. I didn t know he hadn t gone with them (to Austria). We re trying our very best. Over the course of the start of next week onwards we would like to hopefully do a couple more bits of business. Neil distanced City from recent speculation Liverpool hitman Rickie Lambert is in his sights after pulling out of a move for Celta Vigo targetman Joaquin Larrivey. I think there has been a lot of speculation surrounding us and players, he said. Rickie Lambert was tagged with us maybe two or three weeks ago now and then it went quiet and it crept back up again. At the moment it is just speculation. I think having added Graham Dorrans and (Youssouf) Mulumbu if I could add another three or four I would be pleased. Neil was delighted to finish a week-long training camp in the Alps on a winning note, with Youssouf Mulumbu and Lewis Grabban [1] securing the victory against the Europa League hopefuls. In the first half we didn t play as well as we would have liked but to win was pleasing against a good calibre of opposition, he said. They are a strong side, they have beaten Bayern Munich twice in recent times so that tells you what they are capable of. I didn t think we pressed them well enough in the first half, like we normally do, and that improved a lot in the second half. The same with our use of the ball. We had a couple of good finishes and other opportunities. I thought there was a lot of quality in it and both teams will have got plenty out of the game. Related articles References ^ Youssouf Mulumbu and Lewis Grabban (

Boy who clung on to moving car to save his sister is ‘a hero’

Eoghan MacConnell Published 30/10/2015 | 02:30 Michael Martin leaving Portlaoise Circuit Court A 10-year-old boy was hailed a hero after he clung to the window of a moving SUV as a man attempted to abduct his sister. Share Go To The exceptional bravery of the youngster was commended at Portlaoise Circuit Court yesterday during the sentencing hearing of Michael Martin. Martin (36), of Shandon Court, Yellow Road, Waterford city, pleaded guilty to the false imprisonment of an 11-year-old girl following an incident at Cullohill, Co Laois on March 4. In a victim impact statement, the girl’s father said: “This man stole a significant portion of her innocence. Our lives were permanently changed that day. “You don’t like to see your children being fearful of everyday, ordinary things.” Garda Anne Marie Deegan told the court the girl and her twin brothers were playing in the rural area when the girl was picked up by a man driving an SUV and “put into the SUV through the driver’s door across the passenger seat”. As the man attempted to drive away, one of the brothers “ran up, reached in and attempted to strike the driver in the vehicle”, she said. The boy continued “hanging off” the jeep with his feet off the ground. Martin became distracted by the boy’s actions and the girl managed to escape from the vehicle. The three children gave a description and provided a partial registration of the SUV and CCTV was examined. Garda also became aware of an earlier report of a similar vehicle acting suspiciously at Durrow. Martin was arrested the following day and both the girl and her brother later identified the defendant in two separate identity parades at Portlaoise Garda Station. Martin pleaded guilty to false imprisonment in July. Garda Deegan described the siblings as “exceptional children”, while prosecuting counsel Will Fennelly said “they were obviously very courageous children” and commended the “plucky” brother. The court heard that Martin, who is originally from Dublin, has 92 previous convictions including for fraud, robbery, an assault of a girl and threatening to kill or cause serious harm to a woman. He was convicted of false imprisonment in 2004. Courageous Defending counsel, Una N Raifeartaigh, said at that time her client had struck up a relationship with a girl in her teens and the pair went to Northern Ireland, but after four days “they came back down on the train and were met by garda at Connolly Station”. Handing the judge a 16-page psychological report on her client – who has a low IQ and was “actively suicidal” – she said: “His childhood makes for grim reading”, adding that he was subjected to sexual, physical abuse and sustained neglect as a child and had begun abusing alcohol as a teen. The judge remanded Martin in custody to continue sentencing next Thursday. Irish Independent Follow @Independent_ie [1] References ^ Follow @Independent_ie (

Pope Francis to Release Pop-Rock Album ‘Wake Up!’

As Pope Francis embarks on his historic visit to the United States [1] , His Holiness will spread his message of hope, faith and unity in the form of a prog-rock-infused album titled Wake Up! this November. The Vatican-approved LP, a collaboration with Believe Digital, features the Pontiff delivering sacred hymns and excerpts of his most moving speeches in multiple languages paired with uplifting musical accompaniment ranging from pop-rock to Gregorian chant. Wake Up! arrives November 27th, with the iTunes pre-order [2] now available with an instant download of “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!,” which Rolling Stone is proud to premiere. “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” finds Pope Francis addressing a South Korean audience in English last year amid atmospheric synths, trumpeting horns and skyscraping electric guitars reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. “Wake up / Wake up,” Pope Francis says on the track. “The Lord speaks of a responsibility that the Lord gives you / It is a duty to be vigilant / Not to allow the pressures, the temptations and the sins to dull our sensibility of the beauty of holiness.” Later on the moving track, the Pope tells his audience, “No one who sleeps can sing, dance and rejoice,” as he urges them to wake up and go. Sidebar Inside the Pope’s Fight With U.S. Conservatives On Wake Up! , Pope Francis speaks to the listener in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese over 11 tracks to address issues like peace, dignity, environmental concerns and helping those most in need. For the album, the Pope’s powerful messages were placed in the musical hands of Wake Up! ‘s producer and artistic director Don Giulio Neroni. “For many years, I’ve been the producer and the artistic director of albums by the Pope. I had the honor to work with John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis,” Neroni tells Rolling Stone . “As in the past, for this album too, I tried to be strongly faithful to the pastoral and personality of Pope Francis: the Pope of dialogue, open doors, hospitality. For this reason, the voice of Pope Francis in Wake Up! dialogues music. And contemporary music (rock, pop, Latin etc.) dialogues with the Christian tradition of sacred hymns.” Musician Tony Pagliuca, who composed several Wake Up! songs including “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!,” tells Rolling Stone , “In the Seventies, I founded the prog-rock band Le Orme and topped the charts, toured Italy and U.K. and had the chance to collaborate with international artists like Peter Hammil and David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator). During the years, I also made an important journey of faith. When Don Giulio Neroni asked me to collaborate on this CD, I immediately accepted with enthusiasm. Putting my music in the service of the words and the voice of Pope Francis has been a fantastic experience and a very interesting artistic challenge.” The Argentinean-born Pope Francis, the first Pope born outside of Europe, has reignited a Catholic base and inspired millions outside his own religious denomination with his selfless, unifying messages that encourage climate change protection [3] , assistance for the homeless and his hope for equality for all, even in the case of hot-button issues like same-sex marriage and immigration. It’s Pope Francis’ belief that every person should be treated with love and respect, a message that has made him universally loved after critics chastised the Catholic Church for alienating its base and the world outside the Vatican with hardened views. Speaking to Congress Thursday, Pope Francis asked the leaders of the most powerful and wealthiest nation to mend the “open wounds” of a planet ripped apart by hate, poverty, weapons and climate change. “I know that you share my conviction that much more still needs to be done, and that in times of crisis and economic hardship, a spirit of global solidarity must not be lost,” the Pope told Congress. “At the same time, I would encourage you to keep in mind all those people around us who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They too need to be given hope.” Wake Up! Track List 1. “Annuntio Vobis Gadium Mangum” 2. “Salve Regina” 3. “Laudato Sie ” 4. “Poe Que’ Sufren Los Ninos” 5. “Non Lasciatevi Rubare La Speranza!” 6. “La Iglesia No Puede Ser Una Ong!” 7. “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” 8. “La Fa Es Entera, No Se Licua!” 9. “Pace! Fratelli!” 10. “Per La Famiglia” 11. “Fazei O Que Ele Vos Disser” References ^ his historic visit to the United States ( ^ the iTunes pre-order ( ^ encourage climate change protection (

ALS benefit set Oct. 17

Kevin Thatcher of Middle Point has been diagnosed with ALS. A benefit has been set for Oct. 17. (Submitted photo) MIDDLE POINT Over the course of the past 51 years, Kevin Thatcher has worn a lot of hats: husband, brother, father, friend, farmer, trucker and Harley man, to name a few. Now, to the sorrow of family and friends, he s slipped on a new one: that of victim. In February, Thatcher was diagnosed with ALS. ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Amyotrophic comes from the Greek language; a means no, myo refers to muscle, and trophic means nourishment so, literally, no muscle nourishment. When a muscle has no nourishment, it atrophies or wastes away. Lateral identifies the areas in a person s spinal cord where portions of the nerve cells that signal and control the muscles are located. As this area degenerates it leads to scarring or hardening sclerosis in the region. ALS affects motor neurons specifically, that part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscles. As the motor neurons degenerate and die, victims with the disease lose control over their voluntary muscles. Without that control, patients are gradually deprived of the ability to move, talk, swallow and breathe. Little is known about the disease, how it is triggered, and there is no cure. Statistically, which is all researchers have to work with at the moment, ALS develops most often in those between 40 and 70 years of age. Men are most at risk and, stupefyingly, veterans are twice as likely to develop the disease as those who haven t served. For Thatcher, the disease has progressed rapidly. Since his diagnosis in February, he has lost use of some of his extremities and a decreased function of speech. He s pretty much dependent on us for everything, explained Thatcher s sister, Melanie Miller, a critical care nurse at St. Rita s. He can t move his upper arms or his lower legs and his speech is thick. It s hard to watch him struggle every day, every day. As with most, if not all, small communities, news of the situation spread and neighbors brought meals and brainstormed ways to help. While Miller acknowledges that it will take a miracle to save her brother, the community came up with a plan to not only honor Thatcher, but raise awareness about ALS and money for research for a cure: an ALS benefit event. On Oct. 17, at 1 p.m., participants will gather at Rambler s Roost on Lincoln Highway and parade around the block past Thatcher s home. If you want to ride your motorcycle, bring your tractor, bring your combine, bring your semi, you can walk, you can run, Miller said, but they ve organized an ALS ride for my brother. Miller said that on that Saturday, weather permitting, the family will gather with Thatcher out in the yard so that passersby can wave and show that they care. That way he can see how many people love him, Miller said, through tears. We re going to show him how many people love him and support him. What we thought might just be a local community thing has turned into something that involves all of the community. As of Tuesday, some 350 people have registered to participate and the number continues to grow. Miller asserted that all monies raised will be donated to research an ALS cure. For information on how to participate, contact Miller at 419-203-5190.

Thieve’s Highway – Film News

Advertisement DVD review Thieve’s Highway added: 26 Oct 2015 // release date: 19 Oct 2015 certificate: Cert 12 // director: Jules Dassin studio: Arrow Films // film length 94min reviewer: Claudia A Printable version [1] It is clear from very early on that this minor opus adapted by A.I. Bezzerides , from his own novel Thieve s Market , is based on subject matter that he clearly knew a great deal about. Quite why a major Hollywood studio could initially be interested in such seemingly straightforward material (in the context of Film Noir that is) seems a little odd. However, the novel had sold reasonably well and Bezzerides earlier piece ‘They Drive By Night’ (starring Bogart and exploring similar territory) had done well at the box office. Nico Garcos ( Richard Conte ), known to his friends simply as Nick, returns home to his parents who appear to be Greek immigrants (something the author could identify with). To his his horror he discovers that his dad Yanko, a long distance lorry driver, has lost his legs in a terrible road accident. Nick decides to step into his father’s shoes, knowing that he’ll never wear them again. Having something like a second sense he knows something stinks about this situation. And with Lee J. Cobb in the film you don’t need a quarter of a brain to work out where that unpleasant odor is coming from. Nick soon pals up with Ed Kinney ( Millard Mitchell ), a hard-nosed truck driver who has purchased his father’s old jalopy of a truck. Ed can lay his hands on a huge consignment of Golden Delicious Apples that can be acquired at a very reasonable price and sold on at a huge profit. He just needs another guy with a truck to be his partner. There are a couple of other chancers interested who have a half decent truck but Ed doesn’t trust them. Mind you, he’s pretty shifty himself! The guy they intend selling these apples to just happens to be the rotten to the core Mike Figlia ( Lee J. Cobb ) who runs the wholesale/retail business at the major fruit and veg market and is, of course, indirectly responsible for the loss of Nick’s father’s legs. One of the problems (there are many) is the distance involved in transit-400 miles and staying awake at the wheel. Nick’s partner, who has the two chancers (one of whom is comedic actor Jack Oakie in the role of Slob) virtually up his backside all the way crashes to his death when the brakes on his ancient truck fail. This leaves Nick to deal with the loathsome Figlia and shady cronies on his own. Naturally Figlia wants to buy these ‘marvelous’ apples but at a bargain price and he’ll stoop to any level (it appears from this film that Golden Delicious apples were about as exotic as Beluga Caviar). This includes getting local but big-hearted prostitute Rica ( Valentina Cortese ) to pick Nick up in a trucker s bar. He’s dog-tired and needs to kip for the night as someone has slashed his tyres. Nick is wise in many ways and ingenuous in others (this is a regular trait in Bezzerides writing) yet it takes him a while to ‘wise up’. For example, he s still not wise enough to keep his mouth shut after he s managed to extricate a generous sum from Figlia, who has no real intentions to let him get away with it. Sure enough Nick gets beaten up while romancing Rica at a desolate railway station. This scenario makes things even more complex The situation only succeeds in Nick getting his mind into full-throttle at long last! And then you know who finally gets what’s coming to him and Nick finds true romance but not with his snotty girlfriend Polly ( Barbara Lawrence ). Tightly directed by Dassin, this film is unusually offbeat! As always with Bezzerides , we have characters who are all too real and they are characters that we CAN equate with. We get a good cast here as well: Conte (who later became a slick role model for many) is fine in a role that was originally allotted to another actor. As for Valentina Cortese , although she is believable in her part, wasn t the first choice either (Bezzerides wanted Shelley Winters ) and only got it as she was director Dassin s girlfriend at the time. Of course, we are just waiting for ‘big daddy’ to make his appearance. You know exactly what to expect when Lee J. Cobb turns up and he doesn t let us down. Thieve s Highway is somewhat of a curiosity and rest assured you’ll never think about Golden Delicious the same way again! There are SPECIAL FEATURES galore in this Blu-ray/DVD release, including an extended interview-doc with Bezzerides himself as old as Methusela but still as quirky as they come and still pretty much on the ball! SPECIAL FEATURES: New 4K digital restoration by Twentieth Century Fox * High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations * Uncompressed Mono 1.0 PCM Audio * Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing * The Long Haul of A.I. Bezzerides, a 55-minute documentary portrait of Thieves Highway author and screenwriter, featuring contributions from Bezzerides, director Jules Dassin and writers George P. Pelecanos (The Wire), Mickey Spillane (Kiss Me Deadly) and Barry Gifford (Lost Highway) * The Fruits of Labour, a new video essay about the genesis, production, reception and politics of Thieves Highway by Frank Krutnik, author of In a Lonely Street: Film Noir, Genre, Masculinity * Selected scene and character commentaries by Frank Krutnik * Theatrical trailer * Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys * Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Alastair Phillips (co-author of 100 Film Noirs), illustrated with original production stills Have Your Say [2] Toffee flavoured popcorn Get our free BREAKING NEWS email for Music News [3] and Film News [4] . Subscribe to our YouTube channel [5] , Twitter [6] and NEW Intagram [7] page. 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The Morning Ledger: Supply-Chain Financing Opens Cash Spigot to Small Firms

Get the free Morning Ledger emailed to you each weekday morning by clicking here [1] : [2] . Illustration: Mike Austin Good morning. Big companies often started taking longer to pay their suppliers in the years after the recession, as a way to help them manage their cash flow. That left the smaller suppliers in a lurch as they waited longer for payments to arrive. But more banks are stepping in to fill that gap with a roundabout method of providing cash known as supply-chain financing, Vipal Monga and Ruth Simon report [3] . Though the banks have shown a limited appetite for making small loans in a direct fashion, supply-chain financing lets the banks earn some interest, while the smaller companies are able to receive payments more quickly. Here s how it works: A bank buys the receivables of a company s smaller supplier, and then pays those bills early. The supplier might get its cash in 30 days, for example, for bills due in 60 days. The bank charges the supplier interest in exchange for the early payment, but at a preferential rate. With the cooperation of the bigger company, the bank bases the interest charge on that company s credit rating, rather than on that of the supplier. CFO JOURNAL TODAY More firms disclose executive-pay peer groups [4] . As of last year, nearly 96% of S&P 500 companies identified the corporate peers they used as a benchmark for their executive-pay packages, according to a recent study, Maxwell Murphy reports. The proportion has risen steadily since at least 2010, when it was 91%. Royal Caribbean treats buyback like M&A, CFO says [5] . Jason Liberty, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd . s CFO, said the company is pushing ahead with buybacks even though its shares are at an all-time high because it is confident in its ability to achieve its goals, which should push shares even higher. THE DAY AHEAD Durable-goods orders for September are released at 8:30 a.m., and analysts are expecting a 1% decrease from August. The S&P Case Shiller housing-price index for August is released at 9 a.m., and market watchers expect an uptick of 0.1% over the prior month. Consumer confidence data for October, due at 10 a.m. is expected to remain strong with an index reading of 102.5. Want a good car deal? Think Ford [6] . Ford Motor Co. has slimmed down and is likely to post impressive results on Tuesday but the stock price hasn t reflected improvement since 2011, writes Ahead of the Tape s Spencer Jakab. Tuesday s third-quarter earnings should, if recent form holds, meet or beat analyst estimates of 46 cents a share, up sharply from 21 cents a year earlier. CORPORATE NEWS Deutsche Bank, Adidas and Bayer have launched share buybacks, boosted dividends and moved to shed ancillary assets, even though activists haven t publicly advocated action. Ralph Orlowski/Reuters Activists hit block on German boards [7] . Activist investors are trying to reshape corporate Germany without a single proxy fight, but German corporate boards are structured in a way that insulates executives from stockholder agitation. GM to boost its U.S. workers pay [8] . General Motors Co. , which has been delivering some of the richest operating profits in its 107-year history, has decided to do something it hasn t done in nearly a decade: give its veteran U.S. factory workers a raise. U.S. oil imports rise again [9] . The oil bust has forced domestic producers to scale back, and that is leading imports to rise after a long decline. OPEC member countries including Saudi Arabia and Iraq are clawing back market share they ceded to oil companies pumping in Texas and North Dakota. Startups accelerate efforts to reinvent the trucking industry [10] . A series of startups are vying to become an Uber of trucking, leveraging truck drivers smartphones to quickly connect them with nearby companies looking to ship goods. The upstarts aim to reinvent a fragmented U.S. trucking industry that has long relied on third-party brokers, essentially travel agents for trucking who connect truckers with customers. San Francisco-based Trucker Path Inc . says it is aiming to reach a $1 billion valuation next year. The latest entrant, Seattle-based Convoy , said Tuesday it had raised $2.5 million in seed funding. Hedge-fund priest: Thou shalt make money [11] . A Greek Orthodox priest also runs a hedge fund and boasts of his ability to crash stocks in between baptisms, funerals and Sunday sermons. This man of the cloth has earned enough millions of dollars in the past few years for the firm s general partnership, according to audited investor documents to live a distinct double life. Oracle gears up to face Amazon [12] . Software giant Oracle Corp. is gearing up to battle Inc. in supplying cloud computing services as it meets with customers and partners at its annual Open World conference in San Francisco this week. Amazon doesn t yet encroach on the corporate data centers that are Oracle s traditional stronghold, but the two companies are emerging as fierce competitors for cloud services and both agree that the $41.3 billion-a-year database market is moving to the cloud. ICE to buy Interactive Data for $5.2 billion [13] . Intercontinental Exchange Inc. agreed to buy Interactive Data Corp. for about $5.2 billion, a bet that corporate bonds are increasingly going to be traded on electronic exchanges and other marketplaces. Analysts said that by acquiring Interactive Data, ICE is in a position to profit in two ways: by launching its own corporate bond-trading platform and selling its data to other emerging trading venues, in addition to the firm s current roster of banking, asset management and other clients. Oxford glides past Cambridge in tech [14] . A centuries-old rivalry between two of the world s best-known universities Oxford and Cambridge is spilling into the global tech-startup scene. Oxford is quietly gaining ground and establishing this ancient university town about an hour s train-ride west of London as another global tech hot spot. One measure of Oxford s success: Startups springing up around the university have attracted more investment so far this year than competitors from Cambridge. Wal-Mart plans outdoor drone tests [15] . Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has asked for the Federal Aviation Administration s permission to use outdoor drones to test everything from package delivery to inventory management. The retailer is seeking to use drones made by SZ DJI Technology Co . of Shenzhen, China, the world s largest drone maker, including the $1,260 DJI Phantom 3 and the roughly $3,500 DJI S900. Molson to benefit in AB InBev deals [16] . Each time Anheuser-Busch InBev NV adds to its beer empire, the King of Beers strengthens rivals to its throne. The new threat in the U.S. market: Molson Coors Brewing Co . That s because in order to get regulatory approval, AB InBev, which has a 45% market share in the U.S., is almost sure to have to sell SABMiller s stake in MillerCoors LLC . Meanwhile, AB InBev faces another deadline [17] Wednesday in its now-friendly takeover bid for SABMiller PLC . Japan Post Holdings prices IPO [18] . Japan Post Holdings Co. priced its IPO at the top of the proposed range amid high expectations for Japan s biggest share offering in nearly two decades. Duke Energy to buy Piedmont Natural Gas for $4.9 billion [19] . Duke Energy Corp. said it struck a deal to acquire Piedmont Natural Gas in a deal worth about $4.9 billion, adding roughly one million natural-gas customers to its base. New China stocks find success in middle class [20] . Makers of Korean cosmetics, American sportswear and Japanese condoms, as well as local technology and media firms, see revenue grow in weak economy. Israeli tech startups tap former military officers [21] . Having a big-name former Israeli general or spymaster on the team can help bring a young company gravitas in the eyes of prospective clients. Israel is punching above its weight amid today s tech boom, fostering a bevy of startups and tech innovation, particularly in military-related fields like cybersecurity and homeland security. That is partly due to the close ties between Israel s tech-savvy military and its startup scene [22] . Tempur Sealy cuts jobs as new CEO streamlines [23] . Scott Thompson, who became chairman and chief executive officer of Tempur Sealy International Inc. seven weeks ago, is moving swiftly to eliminate jobs at the Lexington, Ky.-based mattress maker. J.P. Morgan Chase retooling Chase pay product next year [24] . Chase Pay will be reworked to let the bank s 94 million credit, debit and prepaid cardholders buy goods and services through retailers websites, mobile apps and physical stores more simply. The move will allow it to compete more directly with the likes of Apple Inc . and PayPal Holdings Inc . REGULATION Valeant said that based on the review that it has conducted to date, the company believes it is in compliance with applicable law. Ryan Remiorz/Associated Press Valeant: No illegal activity at company [25] . Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. defended itself, saying it had properly accounted for its relationships with specialty pharmacies and had found no illegal activity at the company. Activist hedge fund ValueAct Capital Management LP has spent years building up Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Now it must defend the company [26] and its $1.7 billion stake. New York bank regulators exit after clash with Gov. Cuomo s office [27] . The acting head of New York s top banking regulator and the agency s chief spokesman are resigning from the office amid the agency s battle with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo s administration over the regulator s independence. In China s alleyways, underground banks move money [28] . Facing economic uncertainty, many Chinese use underground networks to send cash abroad. That spells business for operations that can end-run capital controls. Often hidden behind the fa ades of convenience stores and tea shops, they cater to a clientele ranging from corrupt officials hiding gains to middle-class Chinese trying to buy overseas property. EU, U.S. agree in principle on new data-transfer pact [29] . The European Union said it had agreed in principle with the U.S. on a new trans-Atlantic data-transfer pact, as both sides race to finalize the deal after the bloc s highest court junked a previous framework used by thousands of firms. Among the issues that still need to be addressed, Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said the EU was still looking for clear conditions and limits to the extent to which U.S. intelligence services have access to Europeans personal data. Railroads warn of disruptions if safety deadline isn t extended [30] . Railroads are amplifying warnings that the U.S. transportation network would grind to a halt at the start of the new year if Congress makes them stick to a year-end deadline to install a new safety system. The railroads appear likely to get their wish. Late Friday, lawmakers tacked an extension of three years on to a bill due Thursday to extend transportation funding [31] . The bill is widely expected to pass both houses this week. EARNINGS Matthias M ller, chief executive officer of Volkswagen, said recently the company has to go through a rough patch before its profit returns to levels enjoyed before the emissions cheating scandal. Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg News Hefty loss expected at VW [32] . In the wake of Volkswagen AG s crisis over cheating on emissions testing, analysts surveyed expect the company to report a loss in the third quarter. Volkswagen is set to present results for the three months ended in September on Wednesday. The company has taken a $7.2 billion charge against third-quarter earnings to pay for a global recall of as many as 11 million vehicles. Xerox stumbles to loss, looks into new strategies [33] . Xerox Corp. said Monday it would launch a comprehensive review of its options, as the company posted its first quarterly loss since 2010. The loss comes as Xerox took a $385 million pretax charge [34] tied to the interrupted government health-care projects in California and Montana. Square reports loss [35] . Payments startup Square Inc. on Monday disclosed that its quarterly losses are mounting and sales growth is slowing. The company is approaching an IPO and its offering is seen as a harbinger for tech companies valued at $1 billion or more. ECONOMY The responsibility of managing the various viewpoints inside the central bank falls to Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, shown above in September. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Fed strives for a clear signal on interest rates [36] . As 2016 approaches, pressure is on the central bank and Janet Yellen to better manage expectations for rates and the U.S. economy. Federal Reserve officials are widely expected to announce Wednesday that short-term interest rates will remain near zero, leaving mid-December as the central bank s last chance to raise rates this year. U.S. new-home sales tumble in September [37] . Sales of newly built homes fell 11.5% in September, suggesting a highly volatile segment of the housing market could be cooling. Purchases of new single-family homes fell to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 468,000 [38] in September, the Commerce Department said Monday, down 11.5% from August s downwardly revised rate of 529,000. Turkey s growth goals are tested [39] . Turkey s economic allure is dimming amid slowing growth, a rise in terror attacks and the prospect of prolonged political uncertainty, as it heads into potentially fractious parliamentary elections on Sunday. CFO MOVES Hexion Inc., a closely held maker of resins, epoxies and other specialty chemicals based in Columbus, Ohio, named George Knight [40] finance chief, effective Jan 1. William Carter, its current CFO, will retire at year end. Mr. Knight is currently Hexion s treasurer, a role he has held since 2005. Hexion said Mark Bidstrup, a divisional CFO, will become corporate treasurer, and Colette Barricks, its controller, will become principal accounting officer. Mr. Knight will receive a salary of $475,000, and will be eligible for a bonus targeted at 70% of that amount. Cesca Therapeutics, a small regenerative-medicines company based in Rancho Cordova, Calif., named Michael Bruch [41] CFO. He had held the role on an interim basis since May, and previously was controller since joining the company in 2003. New compensation information wasn t disclosed, but Mr. Bruch received 60,000 shares of restricted stock upon taking the interim CFO role, half of which vested upon his appointment and the rest of which vested when it filed its annual report last month, according to a May regulatory filing [42] . Dan Bessey, its former CFO, resigned in May. The Morning Ledger from CFO Journal cues up the most important news in corporate finance every weekday morning. Send us tips, suggestions and complaints: [email protected] [43] . Get The Morning Ledger emailed to you each weekday morning by clicking here [44] : [45] . Follow us on Twitter @CFOJournal [46] . References ^ clicking here ( ^ ( ^ Vipal Monga and Ruth Simon report ( ^ More firms disclose executive-pay peer groups ( ^ Royal Caribbean treats buyback like M&A, CFO says ( ^ Want a good car deal? Think Ford ( ^ Activists hit block on German boards ( ^ GM to boost its U.S. workers pay ( ^ U.S. oil imports rise again ( ^ Startups accelerate efforts to reinvent the trucking industry ( ^ Hedge-fund priest: Thou shalt make money ( ^ Oracle gears up to face Amazon ( ^ ICE to buy Interactive Data for $5.2 billion ( ^ Oxford glides past Cambridge in tech ( ^ Wal-Mart plans outdoor drone tests ( ^ Molson to benefit in AB InBev deals ( ^ faces another deadline ( ^ Japan Post Holdings prices IPO ( ^ Duke Energy to buy Piedmont Natural Gas for $4.9 billion ( ^ New China stocks find success in middle class ( ^ Israeli tech startups tap former military officers ( ^ Israel s tech-savvy military and its startup scene ( ^ Tempur Sealy cuts jobs as new CEO streamlines ( ^ J.P. Morgan Chase retooling Chase pay product next year ( ^ Valeant: No illegal activity at company ( ^ Now it must defend the company ( ^ New York bank regulators exit after clash with Gov. Cuomo s office ( ^ In China s alleyways, underground banks move money ( ^ EU, U.S. agree in principle on new data-transfer pact ( ^ Railroads warn of disruptions if safety deadline isn t extended ( ^ a bill due Thursday to extend transportation funding ( ^ Hefty loss expected at VW ( ^ Xerox stumbles to loss, looks into new strategies ( ^ took a $385 million pretax charge ( ^ Square reports loss ( ^ Fed strives for a clear signal on interest rates ( ^ U.S. new-home sales tumble in September ( ^ seasonally adjusted annual rate of 468,000 ( ^ Turkey s growth goals are tested ( ^ George Knight ( ^ Michael Bruch ( ^ regulatory filing ( ^ [email protected] ( ^ clicking here ( ^ ( ^ @CFOJournal (

HQ 24V Car Notebook and Laptop Power Supply with 50W USB

Device Type:Power adapter – car – external Depth:9.5 cm, Width:4.5 cm, Weight:186 g, Height:2.8 cm, Shipping Depth:23 cm, Shipping Width:14.5 cm, Shipping Weight:286 g, Shipping Height:5 cm, Features:Overheat protection, over current protection, overload protection,...