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More Commercial Vehicle Show highlights revealed

Bandvulc, Bri-Stor Jaama, Voith, Volkswagen and WheelRight are the latest exhibitors to break cover with teasers for the CV Show (NEC, Birmingham, 26 28 April 2016) Voith Turbo will be launching a retrofit lightweight LP490 two-cylinder Euro 6 compressor at the CV Show, designed specifically for trucks, and borrowing from its success on buses with much heavier duty cycles. The equipment is already fitted as OE to Mercedes Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs trucks. Voith says its intercooling system reduces power uptake during delivery, and ads that the compression temperature drops, allowing longer duty cycles and increased air delivery per hour. Voith Turbo sales and marketing manager John Domigan says the newly developed idle system also reduces fuel consumption by up to one litre per 100 km and engine oil is also subjected to less stress. Many UK truck operators may not be aware that their vehicles are fitted with Voith compressors, comments Domigan. So if a compressor needs replacing, we are now geared up to supply them direct from our head office in Croydon. Elsewhere, tyre pressure specialist WheelRight says it will be demonstrating the system developed with Highways England, which recently colmpleted a year-long trial at Welcome Break s M6 Keele services. The system carried out automatic measurements on more than 150,000 tyres 50,000 of which were HGVs. It uncovered widely varying tyre conditions, with one at 19psi, despite having passed the kick test. The impressive take-up of our system at Keele demonstrates that there is a real appetite for a quick and easy means of monitoring tyre condition, comments WheelRight CEO John Catling. Moving on, Jaama will be bringing its driver and fleet management software to the CV Show including the web-based Key2, which currently manages fleets totalling more than 650,000 vehicles, and maintains FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) compliance for many. Modules available include defect management reporting with walk-round appraisals, operator licence management with OCRS (operator compliance risk score) data, plant management, driver licence validation, CPC management and vehicle maintenance management. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles says it will reveal its Creative Hub a Transporter van developed with Startup Direct (part of the government’s Start-Up Loans Scheme) that includes a mobile office, complete with grass carpet and woodland. The van, along with another high-roof Power Office , was developed off the back of research carried out by VW and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), highlighting the role that commercial vehicles play in the growth of new and small businesses. Innovation in roof loading and racking systems will be Bri-Stor s theme at the CV Show, with a display of its newly introduced Contego Hardtop, Bri-Stor s best-selling Easi-load roof rack and Itselite lightweight storage system. Contego Hardtop fits the Ford Ranger, Mitsubushi L200 and Toyota Hilux, and is a popular choice among fleet operators and smaller businesses while Bri-Stor s Easi-load system was developed to ease deployment and loading of ladders on vehicle roofs. Retread tyre supplier Bandvulc will be using the show to promote the services of its newly refurbished Central Midlands distribution hub, in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. By improving our services and lead times we aim to realise growth and improve satisfaction levels, comments Tony Mailling, Bandvulc Tyres group operations director. As well as the inward investment in building and facilities, the changes will see new service vans delivering an improved service across the UK. Author Brian Tinham [1] Related Companies Bandvulc Tyres Ltd Bri-Stor Systems Ltd Jaama Voith Turbo Ltd Volkswagen Audi Group UK Ltd WheelRight Ltd [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] This material is protected by Findlay Media copyright See Terms and Conditions. [8] One-off usage is permitted but bulk copying is not. For multiple copies contact the sales team [9] . References ^ Brian Tinham ( ^ Bandvulc Tyres Ltd ( ^ Bri-Stor Systems Ltd ( ^ Jaama ( ^ Voith Turbo Ltd ( ^ Volkswagen Audi Group UK Ltd ( ^ WheelRight Ltd ( ^ See Terms and Conditions. ( ^ contact the sales team (

New Hampshire man killed in early morning crash 0

New Hampshire man killed in early morning crash

NEWBURY State police are investigating what led a New Hampshire man to crash his pickup truck into a bridge abutment near Exit 55 on Interstate 95 north early yesterday morning, killing him at the scene. At 12:18 a.m., state police responded to a single-vehicle crash on I-95. Upon arrival, Trooper Christopher Kane found a 2015 Dodge Ram pickup truck had crashed into the abutment of the Central Street bridge and then caught on fire. The driver and lone occupant of the truck died at the scene. Police have identified him as a 54-year-old New Hampshire resident but did not immediately release his name. The crash remains under investigation by the state police Newbury barracks with assistance from the State Police Collision Reconstruction and Analysis Section, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, and the State Police Detective Unit for Essex County. The Newbury Fire Department extinguished the truck fire. Two right lanes of Interstate 95 northbound at the crash scene were closed for approximately three hours to accommodate the response and investigation.

What’s the science behind leap years? 0

What’s the science behind leap years?

It s February 29 so what? So we only get to see this magical day every four years. But do you actually know why? Here s everything you need to know from the science, to the history, to the maths about why we sometimes have 366 days in a year. Why is an extra day added? Loop GIF Find & Share on GIPHY [1] An extra day is added so that the Gregorian calendar year (which we most commonly use) stays in sync with the seasonal year . Because the earth s orbit around the sun actually takes about 365.2422 days (so 365 days and a quarter, or six hours) but the Gregorian calendar uses 365 days the two would begin to drift out of line if we always had a common 365-day year. And, in case you didn t realise, we need to keep up with the solar system because we completely rely on the seasons it gives us from our farming habits to our ability to actually see time pass us by. Therefore by inserting an extra day into the year, this drift is corrected as best as possible. Why add a day every four years? Black And White GIF Find & Share on GIPHY [2] Because after this amount of time, the six hours that we lose after each common year would equate to the loss of one whole day (6 hours x 4 = 24 hours, y see?). So add a day, and it makes up for the slip. What if we didn t add the extra day? Well we d live in a crazy, crazy world. Eventually the loss of one day every four years would get us to the point where the summer solstice would be in December and winter would be in July. That means Christmas would be sunny in the UK and cold in Australia, and there d sometimes be snow at Glastonbury Festival WHAT A THOUGHT. So yeah, we should probably keep adding the extra day. Why is it in February? Fail GIF Find & Share on GIPHY [3] That s all down to the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus and his ego. Under Julius Caesar s reign, his month of July had 31 days, while February had 30 days and August had just 29 days. Augustus was clearly pretty jel so when he became Emperor he pinched two days from February to add to his month of August. Poor February. What are your chances of being born on a leap day? Saskia Keultjes GIF Find & Share on GIPHY [4] It s about one in 1,461 four years equates to 1,460 days, plus one for the leap year. So pretty steep odds but it happens and those people can feel special (or cheated, depending on their outlook) for the rest of their lives. So is every fourth year a leap year then? BBC Earth GIF Find & Share on GIPHY [5] Not quite. Pope Gregory XIII decided in 1582 that if a year is divisible by 100, but not by 400, then it s not a leap year. For example, the year 2000 was a leap year but 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not. But there s a good reason for it remember how the earth s orbit actually takes 365.2422 days? We round the point-2422 of a day up to six hours to make it easier but technically it s still too much of a correction to the drift. So this maths sorts that out, and has stuck around ever since. So there you have it. Lesson over, class dismissed. References ^ Loop GIF Find & Share on GIPHY ( ^ Black And White GIF Find & Share on GIPHY ( ^ Fail GIF Find & Share on GIPHY ( ^ Saskia Keultjes GIF Find & Share on GIPHY ( ^ BBC Earth GIF Find & Share on GIPHY (