Car attack family "living in fear"


Car Attack Family "living In Fear"

Cheryl Price

30 May 2016 5:58PM

A MUM is living in fear after vandals targeted her home for the third time in two years. Cheryl Price, 42, says she regularly has to take her children to the doctor because they are scared. The latest attack happened at her Borland Avenue home in the early hours of Wednesday when black paint was daubed on her house, fence and cars.

Mrs Price, a mum-of-four, said: They ve put black paint and smiley faces on five cars, the fence, my house and some of the windows. It s ruined. It won t come off.

It s happened before – this was the third attack in two years.

The cars don t even belong to me. They were my husband s, brother-in-law’s and father-in-law’s. Previous attacks have include tyres being popped on vehicles and objects thrown through the window. Mrs Price said: The dog started barking. It was about 12.15am. I said to my son that there was someone out there and he went for a drive.

“He saw two lads in their 20s going up the hill but they didn t have paint with them.

It makes you wonder what s going to happen next. I fear that the house will be set on fire.

Mrs Price said she had reported the matter to the police. A police spokesman said: We are investigating an multiple incidents of criminal damage on Borland Avenue where cars has been covered in paint.

At approximately 12.15am on Wednesday an unknown offender has thrown paint over a silver Vauxhall Meriva, a white Iveco truck, a white Ford Transit and a grey Vauxhall Insignia.

These offences are currently under investigation and officers are making enquiries. Anyone with information about those responsible should call police on 101.

30 May 2016 6:00PM

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