Medical condition may have sparked multi-vehicle collision

It was a bizarre scene on Thursday at the retail complex at the northwest corner of the Pitt and Second streets. Four motor vehicles were seriously damaged after a driver of a white Kia Sorento clipped the front, left corner of three parked cars around noon Thursday.

“He turned off Pitt, went through the parking lot, then turned . . . doing a (u-turn), hitting the cars and into the building,” said a witness, a young woman who saw the events unfold just after she left Le’s Nails. She declined to give her name after speaking with Cornwall police officers.

“The driver was unconscious, but woke up after — he said he doesn’t remember anything,” the young woman said, of the man described as being about 65 years old.

Const. Justin Wheeler confirmed the driver had suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. He agreed the driver, who has not been identified, appeared to have suffered a medical condition that led to the crashes. An ambulance and fire truck also responded to the emergency. A couple of dozen bystanders congregated outside the east Indian restaurant and Le’s Nails to look at the scene and take photographs with their smart phones.

One of them was Le’s Nails’ owner Sinh Nguyen.

“The (Sorento) came onto the curb; see, you can spot where his tire tracks are,” said Nguyen, who heard the four collisions in quick unison and then rushed out. He pointed to his left where the first car, a light gray Nissan Sentra, was located. The second car was a Hyundai Accent, and the third, a dark gray Kia Soul. Luckily, no one else was exiting the building or sitting on the bench outside.

Moments later, the building’s owner, Mostafa El Gazzar, arrived to survey the damage.[2]


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