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Caller advised subject was at her daughter’s apartment and would not let her leave for work and was harassing her. No report taken. Caller on Parklawn Dr. advised he is in the middle of breaking up with a subject who has made several threats and he wants a report because he does not know what she will do next. No report taken – civil issue. Caller on Clinton St. advised she is still receiving threats from a subject. She has been advised to block the person but subject is now sending messages to mutual friends. No report taken. Threats do not specify who they are towards.

Caller on Logan St. advised subject came to her house and threatened her and he is not supposed to be there. Officers were at his residence earlier when he wanted to file a complaint against her. Report taken on domestic. Officer marked out with person passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle on Clark Dr. Checked okay. Officer marked out on Northridge Rd. for an open window. All okay.

Caller on Norfolk Ave. advised she can hear noises and she thinks she heard her door handle being moved. Dog was also barking. All okay.

911 caller advised he was rear-ended in front of Donatos by a Ford Ranger that left the scene. Caller stated the truck cut across Kroger parking lot and was last seen eastbound on 56. Arrest made on Michael Stephenson for warrant. Fletchers arrived and impounded vehicle. Received a report of a junk vehicle on Logan St. in a fenced-in area. Clear with no report. Received call from Bob Evans reference male in the area who had crossed U.S. 23 several times. Checked okay. Male was advised reference crossing U.S. 23.

Subject on station requested to speak with officer reference subject she is attempting to get a protection order against harassing her. No report taken. Caller requested officers check area for location of two ATVs that were stolen from their jurisdiction and they have information they are at the address. Address does not exist. Caller at CVS reported shoplifter inside the store. Caller advised male has items shoved down his pants and is heading toward the restroom. Arrest made and report taken on theft.

Subject on Kingston Pike requested officer in reference to a truck that he owed money on being sold to a man in Circleville and he still has the title of the truck. No report. Crime occurred in Pickerington. Subject came on station advising there is a male who continues coming onto his property on S. Pickaway St. late at night. Male was advised to contact CPD when the subject is at the residence. Caller on Logan St. advised subject will not stop texting and calling her. Report taken on menacing.

Caller on Long St. advised her house was broken into while she was out. Report taken on burglary. Caller on E. Franklin St. advised there is a television on his property and he does not know where it came from. Clear with no report. Sgt. Anderson out with Adult Parole Authority. Arrest made.

Caller on E. Union St. advised she is taking care of a neighbor’s house and she believes someone pitched a tent in the back yard. Checked okay. Was trash that blew into the yard. Caller on Springhollow Rd. reported theft of medication. Report taken. Caller on Hayward Ave. reported possible burglary in progress. Officer advised all checked okay.

Caller advised two houses were burning trash on Norfolk Ave. People were advised what they can and cannot burn. Caller on N. Court St. advised two subject in Dish Network uniforms came to her house and yelled and cursed at her when she told them she didn’t want the service. No threats. No report. Caller on N. Pickaway St. advised a male followed her to her house and was trying to fight. Male left on foot. Both were advised to stay away from each other.

Caller on Logan St. advised of a disturbance between her husband and the neighbors about parking. Checked okay.

Caller at Holiday Inn Express advised a man came to the hotel but did not check in and said he would check in when he got back from Roosters. He left a duffel bag that smells of marijuana. Man left over two hours ago and Roosters is closed. No smell of marijuana. Owner came back and got bag.

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