Britain bound trucker hangs raw pork from lorry to deter desperate Muslim migrant stowaways

A British-bound truck has been hung with pork joints in a bid to deter Muslim migrants[1] sneaking inside. In the clip the vehicle, thought to be German, is shown with big chunks of pig flesh attached to various parts of the bumper. It’s not clear if the porky additions are a joke, as the cameraman can be heard laughing uproariously as he films the vehicle.

The video emerged on Youtube[2] where it was uploaded by Garry Brocks. He posted: “Trucker from Germany finds a way to make his truck refugee proof.

Read more: Refugee who fled horrors of Syrian war faces being DEPORTED from his new home in Britain[3]

“As you know, recently illegal immigrants[4] filling the Eurozone, jump aboard the truck to get to England under Eurotunel.

garrybrock/youtube Britain Bound Trucker Hangs Raw Pork From Lorry To Deter Desperate Muslim Migrant Stowaways Porkies: A trucker has hung pig joints from his lorry

“German truckers come up with a kind of protection.

“They give weight their trucks with parts of pork. Muslims and Jews are forbidden to eat pork by their respective religions – the rules on touching pig flesh are not so clear cut.

Many refugees fleeing their war torn homes take desperate measures to reach the UK, including stowing away in trucks.

Drivers caught with migrants hiding in their vehicles face big fines, or even a stretch in prison.


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