The risk when large vehicles travel on roads more suited to …


A bus became stuck on Dunedin’s Bucceleugh Street. The bus that became wedged on a Dunedin road on Monday is just the latest in a long tradition of vehicles that were too big getting into trouble on roads that were too small. In the Dunedin incident, the driver of a Ritchies bus was on his way to pick students from a school when he turned up Buccleugh[1] St. New to town, he drove past a sign that said: “No heavy vehicles beyond this point”, and eventually he could go no further – either forward or back.

The bus was freed and able to back down the hill after a tow truck dragged the back of it sideways away from a crash barrier.

The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


Mt Pleasant St, Highbury, Wellington, is narrow with plenty of twists and turns a regular vehicle trap. A truck that ventured along Mt Pleasant Rd in the Wellington suburb of Highbury on a Monday in June 2015 was unable to get round a hairpin bend[2].

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The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


Stuck at the intersection of Paekakariki Hill Rd and SH 1. The blockage was not finally cleared until late the next morning, after a crane was brought in.

Nearby residents said grease and brute force were used to push the truck around the corner. Some cars also had to be moved so the truck could pass. On the northern outskirts of Wellington the driver of a truck from Nelson followed the instructions from his GPS that told him the narrow and winding Paekakariki Hill Rd[4] was the shortest route heading north from the Hutt Valley.

The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


A bus became stuck after it failed to get round the corner from Paekakariki Hill Rd onto State Highway 1. When the 17-tonne 10-metre vehicle reached the road’s intersection with State Highway 1, in April 2013, it had no option but to turn south. That turned out to be one manoeuvre too far and the truck, carrying about five tonnes of glass, became wedged across the southbound lane of the highway.

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Police noted the driver had ignored warning signs for long vehicles not to use the road, which had become “very difficult for long vehicles” after the configuration of the intersection was changed to force drivers to make a left turn. It happened again, a year later, when a Tauranga-based bus was unable to make the southbound turn[6] at the bottom of the same intersection.

The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


Wedged on a bend in Devon St in Aro Valley, Wellington. The bus couldn’t make the turn and became jammed when it went straight onto the traffic island separating the northbound and southbound lanes of SH 1.

Traffic on both sides of the island were held up for two hours until a tow truck was finally extricated. Another of Wellington’s notoriously narrow and winding streets undid a truck driver in October 2012.

The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


A truck and digger it was carrying went over on Governors Bay Rd, near Lyttelton. That time it was a furniture delivery truck that couldn’t get round a hairpin bend in Devon St[7], a little outside the downtown area,

The vehicle’s GPS directed the driver along the road, and he was confident he would have made it round the bend if his tyres hadn’t slipped slightly.

After a key route between Lyttelton and Sumner was closed by the 2011 earthquake, oversized vehicles have had to make the trip along a steep and windy alternative.

The Risk When Large Vehicles Travel On Roads More Suited To ...


Over the edge on the Pahiatua Track. One day in January 2014 the route proved too much for a truck carrying a 65-tonne digger[8], closing the road for around 11 hours. While the truck didn’t become stuck, it did become unstuck on a difficult road. Two cranes were needed to remove the truck and digger. The driver said he was travelling about 15kmh when the steep camber of the road toppled his trailer, which he watched disappear from view.

The closure of another key route – SH 3 through the Manawatu Gorge – also made life difficult for drivers of large vehicles.

Driving over the Pahiatua Track[9], between Manawatu and Wairarapa, in December 2011 a truck’s trailer slipped over a steep bank.

A witness said the truck was going downhill when its refrigerated unit appeared to slip over the edge. It ended up hanging down the bank and pulled the rest of the vehicle over.

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