Bus stuck in Wellington hills leaves expectant father stranded

Bus Stuck In Wellington Hills Leaves Expectant Father Stranded


A Tranzit bus was unable to traverse the steep hairpin bend at Fortunatus and Mana Sts, leaving it wedged and blocking traffic. Rushing to be at the potential birth of his first child, Wellington resident Mickey Rasool did not account for his route being blocked for almost two hours by a wedged bus. The 21-year-old’s dash to Wellington Hospital hit a road block on Tuesday, when a Tranzit bus became stuck on the steep hairpin bend at Fortunatus and Mana Sts.

Rasool, who lives on Fortunatus St, said it was not the first time a large vehicle had been unable to traverse the bend. Another bus and a cargo truck had also become stuck at the corner in just the past year, meaning this was the third time it had happened in 12 months.

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But this time the issue was a bit more pressing, with Rasool desperately hoping his girlfriend was not about to go into labour to give birth to their first child.

“I was going to run, to be honest. If she was giving birth, I would have been so p***ed off.”

Thankfully for them, it proved to be a false alarm, though that did not lessen Rasool’s frustration. It took about two hours for the bus to be removed by mechanics while about 20 cars waited for the way to be cleared, he said.

Rasool’s car was among them, sandwiched in the backlog.

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The route the bus driver chose was not the regular one for buses and the corner was dangerous even for cars, he said. While it provided a quicker path to Newtown, the street should never be traversed by long vehicles.

“I’d say seven out of 10 times, if you’re coming from Newtown, you can’t see the people who are coming up towards you.

“You have to fully stop.”

Rasool uploaded a photo of the bus to Facebook group Vic Deals shortly after the incident, which drew criticism from other Wellingtonians. One posted a photo in the comments section of a Runcimans bus she snapped wedged in the same location.

A spokesman for Tranzit said company mechanics were able to get the bus free. It is believed driver inexperience contributed to the incident. A Greater Wellington Regional Council spokesman confirmed the bus was not contracted to the council and buses “don’t run on that route”.

The street, and Devon St, between Aro Valley and Victoria University’s Kelburn campus, are known problem areas for long vehicles becoming stuck.

A police spokeswoman said there were no injuries.

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