Delivering a first class service

Delivering a first class service

15 September 2016

Delivering A First Class Service

Their client base ranges from sole traders to main dealerships, local authorities including the Irish Navy and Defence Forces as well as college training centres.

Since starting the business in 2013, LIFTEQ Garage Equipment has been dedicated to the sales, installation and servicing of a vast range of garage equipment throughout Ireland.

Starting a new business venture may have seemed a mountainous task this time three years ago, especially when you take into account how harsh the economic climate was, but for Jim Murphy and Patrick O Leary they knew they had a winning formula.

LIFTEQ Garage Equipment Ltd has been a success story since it started in 2013, with its technicians earning rave reviews for the efficient service they have delivered to their clients nationwide.

LIFTEQ supply and install quality equipment at affordable prices to a wide range of customers throughout Ireland. They install oil dispensing systems, monitoring systems and fume extraction systems to new and existing garages. The team of expert technicians at LIFTEQ provide an efficient and reliable installation, after-sales and breakdown service and have been trained to carry out thorough lift examinations in line with GA1 certification guidelines. They are fully insured and certified to carry out these examinations as well as repairs and installations.

The company is based in Glanmire, Co Cork and are now established close to 3 years. As well as supplying to existing garages, they also work with new starter garages, offering advice and assistance with the layout of the new building in order to optimise working potential. They will work in conjunction with the architects and engineers to ensure the ground work is carried out correctly and is in line with installation requirements.

Patrick O Leary & Jim Murphy are the directors and Philip McGinn is their Dublin-based technician, covering the North, East & West of Ireland, carrying out the maintenance and calibration of test lanes, gas analysers, wheel alignment systems and diesel smoke meters.

Philip is a huge asset to the company, with over 30 years of experience and has developed strong working partnerships with his customers.

Both Patrick and Jim between them cover the sales, service, repair and installations of the full range of garage equipment. The range of products that LIFTEQ can offer their clients are as follows: Heavy and light vehicle lifts, pit jacks, Tyre Equipment, Compressors, full CRVT test lanes for heavy & light goods, Brake Testers, Headlight Aligners, petrol and diesel emission testers.

So how is a company which started in the midst of one of Ireland s toughest economic recessions doing at the moment?

Business is good for the team at LIFTEQ. The company s proven track record of excellence in customer service and expertise in their field has resulted in much of their business coming to them through referral. Perhaps this, more than anything else, proves that LIFTEQ is delivering a first class service to its clients. Jim and Patrick appreciate that good customer service is key to the success of their business and are very grateful to their loyal customers who continue to support and work with them for all their requirements.

Their client base ranges from sole traders to main dealerships, local authorities including the Irish Navy and Defence Forces as well as college training centres. The clientele on this list impress when you consider the short time that LIFTEQ has been in operation and there s no doubt that it will continue to grow for Patrick and Jim as the good word of their business continues to spread.

As well as placing a big focus on their relationship with their customers, Patrick and Jim have also developed strong working relationships with their many suppliers, both national and international. This has allowed them to secure competitive pricing structures, thus ensuring they can offer their clients quality products at competitive prices. They are mindful that clients have to work within budgets and will offer solutions to fit all budgets. They can also offer their clients competitive finance options for the purchase of their equipment.

Given the track record thus far, Jim & Patrick are hopeful that 2016 will see them expand the business further and increase their work force.

LIFTEQ Garage Equipment

Address: Glanmire, Co Cork

Mob: 087 9928963 (Patrick O Leary)

Mob: 087 6572067 (Jim Murphy)

Web: [1]


Taken from Irish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 No 10, December 2015/January 2016 [3]


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