Safemore 8 Way Outlet Sockets Max 4000W 16A 2M Extension Lead Overload Protection 2 Floors Vertical Tower with 4 USB Ports Power Strip Adaptor White and Black

Safemore 8 Way Outlet Sockets Max 4000W 16A 2M Extension Lead Overload Protection 2 Floors Vertical Tower with 4 USB Ports Power Strip Adaptor White and Black

  • Convenient and Save space : It has 8 outlets and 4 USB ports distribute vertically in four sides of power strip, providing enough space between each outlets, You don’t have to worry about wasting the hub anymore,you can charge for your cellphone, tablet, laptop and lamp simultaneously, avoid too much cords for all the electrical stuff.
  • 220V-240V Smart Surge Protector and 2.1A USB Output for worldwide use and provide standard current for the electrical stuff.
  • Perfect Design:Humanized top switch design, easy to use,because it’s the perfect look you can use as decorations on any corner of your room.Besides, its nice packing and you can give other peoples as a gift.
  • Good Quality and 24-Month Warranty: Made by fireproof ABS plastic and PVC copper cable, guarantee charging security and overload protection.besides this risk-free purchase is backed by a 1-year, no hassle product replacement warranty.
  • Portable and Widely use: Standard plug, plug and play. Easy and safe to use for the elderly and children,suitable for all kinds mobile device and charging for them in limited areas(Such as: home /office / school).

Max Power: 4000W
Max Current: 16A Voltage: 220V–240V
USB output: 5V 2.1A
Material: Fireproof ABS plastic, PVC copper cord
Power line: 2M 1.0mm copper
Packaging Size/Weight: 158*120*166 mm/ 730 g
Size/Weight: 135*117*160 mm / 669 g

Unique design
•Vertical design saves space and you can get power at any angle you want.
•Four USB charger:including a high-power one for iPad and other power-hungry devices.
•Minimalist look and colourful design to lighten up your desks.

High Quality & Safe
•Made of advanced flame-resisting materials,fire-proof,water-proof,high temperature resistant.
•Made with very high safety standard,fully complied with Australia and New Zealand standard.
•Extremely strict manufacturing standards.
•Built-in overload protection.
•Built-in circuit breaker,CE and ROHS Certified,Fireproof ABS Plastic and PVC copper cable

Safety Tips
1.Avoid tangling power cables,stop using immediately when cables are overheating..
2.When power stacker overloads,the protector – a white or black pin,will react by popping out automatically and cut off the power.When this happens.please unplug the unit from power source,unplug the high power consumption devices that connect to it,then reset the overload protector bu pressing the overload protector button back,reconnect the unit to the power source for normal use.
3.Avoid using during lightning.

Good to know
1.It works very well and can easily be placed on a desktop, useful as a way of sending power to a range of computer peripherals without getting too tied up with a rat’s maze of cabling. Of course it could serve just as well in the kitchen or anywhere that there are lots of appliances in a small space.
2.This is a fantastic device and is definitely a more compact device than using my traditional plug tower which is considerably taller than this one.

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