Takeaways From a Startup’s Flameout

Takeaways From A Startup's Flameout Ming-yen Hsu | Flickr[1] [6]). Does the Seattle giant want to put the other guys out of business? Jeff Bezos says no Amazon just needs more delivery capacity than the existing networks can supply. The 2013 holiday-season mess, when UPS faltered under the peak load of Amazon deliveries, taught the company it needed to bulk up its own delivery muscles. But its scale and logistical prowess will be hard for competitors to match. Smaller upstarts will end up looking for ways to complement Amazon to do special things for customers that a monster-size retailer simply can t.

[7]) foresees a war between Google and Uber in the new transportation as a service market, which arises when you combine the rise of ride-hailing companies with the emergence of autonomous vehicles. According to Thompson, Uber might have the upper hand, despite Google s size advantage and software prowess: Uber s got the experience with routing vast numbers of trips in real time, and Uber s core business is on the line in a way that Google s isn t. The handicapping game is fun, but read this one more for its sharp analytical breakdown of this vast new market.

[8]). It s not operating in the U.S. so it pays no U.S. taxes; but it has no real operations in Ireland, so Ireland doesn t tax it, either. Effectively, it s nowhere! Here s the clearest explanation yet of how Apple gets away with sheltering a huge chunk of its profits from taxes and why the European Union is demanding back payments. Exploiting accidental quirks in European and global markets is no way to build a future, for either Apple or Ireland. Apple has created thousands of high-paying jobs in Ireland; that s where both the company and the country should put their energy.

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