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Unisex Fashion Autumn Winter Cat Knitted Hat Baby Children Hat Beanie Dark Grey

Unisex Fashion Autumn Winter Cat Knitted Hat Baby Children Hat Beanie Dark Grey

  • hat circumference 48-52cm, Reference Age: 8-36 months old children
  • material: polyester fibers
  • For children
  • Please note that it’s manually measured, there would be 1-2cm error

Hat conventional washing methods:
1.the decorations should be removed before cleaning the hat;
2.Cleaning hat are advised to use water and neutral detergent slightly immersion;
3.Gently scrub with a soft brush;
4.The inner sweatband part (part in contact with the Head) need more brushing several times to thoroughly clean off sweat and bacteria;
5.Hats converted into four petals, gently get rid of the water, do not use washing machine dehydration;
6. Spread out the hat, stuffed inside with an old towel, dry flat, should not hang dry
Special material hat Notes:
1. Available onion slices wipe fur hat, it can also be used to wipe cloth dipped gasoline smooth hair, can achieve a good washing effect;
2. To clean the smudges, add equal amount of ammonia in alcohol mixture, firstly use a piece of silk cloth dipped in this mixture, then scrub, do not get it too wet, otherwise it ‘s easy be out of shape;
3. After washing, the knitted cap and the wool cap are best to be filled with crumpled paper and cloth and dry in the air.
4. Do not wash the wollen hat with water, because the wool or fur like texture will shrink. If the cap gets dust or pet hair… you can use a width tape to stick and remove the dust. It’s not necessary to wash it everytime when it’s dirty, or not, life expectancy would be shorted. If you have to, dry cleaning is the most appropriate way;
5. The straw hat should be keeped dry, use paper and cloth to fill or support it when storing, and clean it with a clean moistened cotton cloth wrapping around the finger, and then dry in the air.
6. Pay attention to the maintenance and storage of cotton hat. After the hat off, place it well–on the coat rack, or hook without heavy coats, to keep their shape. Wash off timely the dust or greasy dirt inside or outside the hat after a long time wearing.

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