Young mum urgently needs stem cell donor of West African descent

Black Britons living with blood cancer face a less than 20% chance of finding the best possible donor match, and a 23-year-old mum urgently needs a blood stem cell donation from someone matching her tissue type.

Young Mum Urgently Needs Stem Cell Donor Of West African Descent

May Brown, who lives in Dorset, has suffered a relapse of her leukaemia, and doctors have told her she needs a donation as soon as she goes into remission which they hope will be soon. Beverley De-Gale, African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) co-founder, said: Due to May s unfortunate relapse, her search for a matched stem cell donor is even more urgent than before. If you are of West African descent, I urge you to step forward while encouraging your family and friends to do the same. Join the stem cell register today by providing a cheek swab to help potentially save May s life.

Young Mum Urgently Needs Stem Cell Donor Of West African Descent(ACLT)

May s family are appealing for donors, and not just for her. May said: Please register today as a potential blood stem cell donor. Do it, if not for my sake, but for the sake of my little girl. She is only two years old and needs her mummy. Your selfless act of registering could ultimately save my life and those of other people suffering from blood cancer or blood disorders.

To join the stem cell register, go here[1].

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