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B.C. lays out new guidelines for pilot car operators

VICTORIA, B.C. – British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure launched new guidelines for pilot car operators, which clarifies the requirements for travel set out in provincial permits for oversize and overweight loads.

“As outlined in B.C. on the Move, our 10-year transportation plan, we committed to reviewing B.C.’s pilot car requirements and developing clear guidelines for pilot car drivers to operate by,” said Transportation and Infrastructure minister Todd Stone. “This new manual clearly lays out requirements for the pilot car operator, from equipment they must carry to driver movements, to make our highways safer for all motorists.”

The B.C. government said the new manual, which is the first of a two-part pilot car requirement review, is the most complete guide in Canada for pilot car operators. In addition to safety requirements, the manual includes route planning, contingency plans, pre-trip meetings, check required prior to travel, equipment and communication, traffic control and pilot car movements.

The second part of the review will include looking at the number of pilot cars required when escorting oversized loads throughout the province of B.C.

Any truck carrying an oversized load on B.C. highways or side roads must be ushered by a pilot car, but the requirements vary depending on the type of load, time of day and kind of road, which can make the process complex compared to other jurisdictions, according to the ministry.


Stuck lorry has been cleared

A STUCK lorry has now been cleared.

The lorry was stuck on Park Street in Worcester just off Wylds Lane and drivers were warned to avoid the area.

The road has now re-opened.

Update on the HGV stuck at Park Street Worcester, we have now managed to extricate the vehicle from its location and the road is now open

— West Mercia OCC (@WestMerciaOCC) November 30, 2016[1]

A West Mercia police spokesman said: “We were called at 4.59pm to reports of a lorry stuck on a small bridge near Park Street, Worcester.

“Reported outside Magnet Ltd on Blockhouse Close.

“Traffic building up in the area. Officers at the scene.”

Vicky Kruçi said: “My husband reached this just as it happened at 5pm.

“Turned into Wylds Lane from Sidbury and got stuck in a jam.

“The lorry was half way down Park Lane trying to reverse.

“Traffic was blocked in every direction.

“But my husband managed to get through so seemed to miss the worst of it.”

Rachel Sharpe was driving along Droitwich Road at the time and thinks that the stuck lorry affected her journey.

She was held up for around 30 minutes by the traffic.

Report of a HGV that has got stuck in Park Street Worcester, traffic is backing up badly so please find alternative route to avoid this area

— West Mercia OCC (@WestMerciaOCC) November 30, 2016[2]


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FHP: Truck driver sought after pushing woman’s car over …

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 – 6:11 PM

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Troopers are searching for a hit-and-run driver who they said ran a woman’s car off the road on Interstate 4 near Dirksen Drive in Volusia County.

The victim, Mariah Almonte, of Deltona, spoke with Channel 9. Almonte said she’s thankful that other drivers stepped in to help.

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Almonte said she ended her Friday night work shift and then she and a co-worker hit the road to head home.

Almonte said she was driving in front of her friend, who saw the whole thing happen.

“I was driving on the highway,” Almonte said. “It’s totaled. I can’t even drive it.”

She didn’t get a good look at the truck that hit her or the driver behind the wheel, but just before the crash she said she “just saw a big truck trying to get into my lane with my little car.”

Almonte said she honked her horn and the driver veered back into the center lane and then into her lane again.

“I beeped the horn again and he just pushed my car,” Almonte said.

That push sent her rolling down an embankment and through a fence, where she took down two trees and landed in the water.

“When my car was flipped, I had water coming into my car,” Almonte said.

Her friend and another driver pulled over to help pull Almonte out.

But the truck driver didn’t stop.

“I would think if you hit someone, then you’re going to stop,” said Almonte.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers said they do not know if they’re looking for a man or a woman, nor do they know the make and model of the truck.

Almonte said she is also upset that her new car was totaled, but thankful her friend and a stranger stopped to help.

“I’m a mom, and my husband was saying if I would have passed, he couldn’t live without me,” said Almonte.

Almonte spent hours in the hospital and the last week at home recovering.

Her airbags deployed, keeping her from breaking any bones, but she’s still in pain.

Almonte plans to return to work on Thursday.

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