Healthy Trucker, ATA to launch Ten Pound Challenge in January

LONDON, Ont. – Healthy Trucker together with the American Trucking Associations is launching a new weight loss program on January 1. The new program is called the 10 Pound Challenge and it’s an 8-week weight loss program designed to help launch drivers towards success in meeting their health and weight loss goals. “The average professional truck driver gains between 5-10 pounds every year,” Healthy Trucker nutritionist Andrea Morley said. “We want to help drivers start the New Year off right by doing the opposite and losing 10 pounds.”

According to Healthy Trucker, losing just 10 pounds can help reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and sleep apnea, and it can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and joint pain. The 10 Pound Challenge is being organized by NAL Insurance and the American Trucking Associations. “We have reserved 50 complimentary spots for NAL Insurance clients and America’s Road Team Captains.

Driver Health is an important issue in both Canada and the US, and we want to provide our clients access to the resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle on the road,” said Glenn Caldwell, v.p. of sales at NAL Insurance. People who are looking to lose 5, 10, or even 50 pounds are welcome to join. All participants will set a more specific goal for the number of pounds that they will look to lose in the 8 weeks based on their current weight and health, with 10 pounds simply being a guideline.

“Many drivers struggle with getting started. They have good intentions, but it can be difficult for them to make those initial changes to their eating and exercise habits while on the road. That’s what the 10 Pound Challenge is for – implementing changes, getting results, and setting them up for long-term, life-changing success,” said Morley.

The program will incorporate nutrition and physical activity guidelines and recommendations that drivers can implement both on the road and at home. Participants will receive coaching through phone consultations, e-mail and text, online resources, and will track their food and exercise through their choice of an app or a paper log. The program will be offered up for free to 100 lucky drivers and O/O’s.

To win a free entry, email [email protected][1] explaining how participating in this program and losing 10 pounds could help you!


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