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PMTC’s Young Leaders Group challenges members to donate to charity

MILTON, Ont. The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada’s Young Leaders Group said today that is it donating £700 to the Salvation Army of Milton Food Bank and it is challenging its members to add to the donation. “Many people struggle the year through to afford to put a hearty meal on their dinner table. They rely on area food banks to help get them through,” explained PMTC Young Leader Mike Colwell. “The need for food banks is exasperated even more during the holiday season.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to share a great meal with family and friends. During the holiday season, lets all do our part to spread the joy and help those less fortunate to be able to enjoy the things most of us take for granted. ” On December 13 the PMTC Young Leaders Group is having a meeting with its members in Milton, Ont., and they are asking those who attend to bring a non-perishable food donation to the meeting.

They can also donate cash, and forms will be there for those who wish to donate by credit card. Private Motor Truck Council of Canada President Mike Millian is also encouraging his general membership to jump on board and add to the donation as well. “We want to ensure our entire membership has the opportunity to support this great cause being spearheaded by our Young Leaders Group.

All PMTC members are encouraged to contact our office to donate,” he said. To make a donation, please contact Vanessa Cox by email at [email protected][1] and put “Donation” in the subject line. Vanessa will then reach back to you for details.

You can also call her at 905-827-0587.

Donations will close at the end of business on December 14th, and the PMTC will announce at that time the total amount raised above and beyond the £700.00 the YLG is starting the fund with.


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