Another chance to have your say on Veolia’s proposed waste transfer station in Lincoln

The company behind a new waste transfer site in Lincoln is hosting an information day where people can find out more about the project. Veolia Environmental Services ([1]UK) Ltd wants to build the facility at its refuse lorry depot off Long Leys Road, which would be capable of processing 46,500 tonnes of rubbish a year. But residents who oppose the plan and fear excessive noise, smells and increased traffic are meeting Lincoln MP Karl McCartney on Friday, November 13 in the hope of enlisting his support.

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Veolia’s meetings are at the Grandstand Community Centre, in Carholme Road, between 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 6pm on Thursday, January 26.

A public notice from the company states: “Representatives from Veolia will be available to talk through the proposal and answer questions. “Those that attend will have the opportunity to give written feedback to Veolia which will be provided as an additional report to planning officers with Veolia’s response to the specific concerns raised.” Meanwhile, Chris Taylor, of Albion Close, said residents were delighted that Mr McCartney has agreed to meet them.

“We look forward to explaining to him our reasons for opposing this application,” he said. “We are looking to our MP to lend his support, not simply to stop this unsuitable development,
but also to work with Veolia to locate elsewhere more appropriate. “We understand the city council has indicated to the company that other sites are available that are
not on sensitive land nor are they close to people’s homes.

“The Long Leys Road urban village is an area of special character and needs to be protected.” Veolia already operates a refuse lorry depot behind Curtis’s on the road, which it wants to replace with a 12m high waste processing factory.
[3] Mixed non-hazardous general commercial waste would be taken to the site and shredded and bundled up ready to be taken from the facility to be burned as fuel elsewhere.

Recyclable material would also be processed. Measures to control smells would include the use of supression sprays, loading and tipping inside the building using enclosed vehicles, and daily cleaning of operational areas. Keith McGurk, regional director for Veolia, told Lincolnshire Live in December: “We are not talking about hazardous waste – it’s commercial general/residual waste and and to a large degree it would be packaging.

“This will be a modern, well-designed, well-built and well-managed facility operated and controlled under an environmental statutory permit issued and monitored by the Environment Agency. “I understand the concerns that residents have but our own internal procedures are already of a very high standard. “However, we don’t just want to rely on being a good organisation – if we don’t get it right we can’t operate.”

Mr McGurk added: “We don’t make waste smell. It’s our job to control that and manage that properly and we will have controls in place to control dust and odour. “We are a large, multi-national business that’s expert in its field.

I would like to think that’s our reference point. “Locally, we are trying to offer businesses solutions for their waste – landfill is in decline and it’s not the preferred option.” In terms of operating hours, the company’s supporting statement to the planning application states: “It is unlikely that the proposed facility will operate over a 24 hour period, given that the lorries will be parked overnight, although Veolia would like to retain the flexibility on the site’s hours of operation.”

Mr McGurk confirmed the operating hours would 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday, while additional lorry movements would equate to one extra truck per hour.

The proposal was due to be decided by Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee on January 16, 2017, but it will now be decided at a later date.


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