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350 lorries a week could drive down this road to dump waste if plant is approved today

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A new waste plant will be coming to Lincoln after today if councillors approve plans at a meeting at 1045am at Lincolnshire County Council. Concerns have been raised by neighbours about vermin, smells, dust and traffic build-ups[2] on Long Leys Road if the scheme goes ahead. But the developers Veolia say it is needed to process 46,500 tonnes of rubbish a year.

READ MORE: Put it somewhere else – residents say no to plan for waste plan in Lincoln[3] The scheme has already seen public meetings as anxieties have grown about the possibility of the plans being approved – and it officers have recommende that the scheme should be rejected.
[4] Hundreds of locals have protested at plans they say could see 50 lorries a day use the road to reach the site – which, with likely shorter hours at weekends, could amount to 300 lorries a week.

StopVeoliainLincoln campaign lead Chris Taylor said: “They want to build a tip in the heart of our urban village community, and they’re just not interested in talking to us about it.” “It seems Veolia lives in some alternative reality,” said Mr Taylor. “They simply haven’t noticed all the new houses around here, all the young families and children who pass this site on their way to schools and the park. If they had looked around them, they would see very clearly that what they suggest is simply the wrong development in the wrong place.”

A senior manager at Veolia has recently said residents should not be concerned about excessive noise, smells and increased traffic from the company’s proposed new waste transfer site in Lincoln. Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Ltd wants to build the facility at its refuse lorry depot off Long Leys Road, which would be capable of processing 46,500 tonnes of rubbish a year. Veolia already operates a refuse lorry depot behind Curtis’s on the road, which it wants to replace with a 12m high waste processing factory.

Mixed non-hazardous general commercial waste would be taken to the site and shredded and bundled up ready to be taken from the facility to be burned as fuel elsewhere. Recyclable material would also be processed. Measures to control smells would include the use of supression sprays, loading and tipping inside the building using enclosed vehicles, and daily cleaning of operational areas.

Keith McGurk, regional director for Veolia, said: “We are not talking about hazardous waste – it’s commercial general/residual waste and and to a large degree it would be packaging.


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