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52-yr-old Man Killed In Accident

A 52-year-old man was killed after being hit by a container loaded heavy truck at Keutiya-Belgharia Road on Friday morning.
Police said the victim Surendar Rai was a truck driver and a resident of Bihar. A police officer said that he came to know from a person, who witnessed the incident, that a container loaded heavy truck hit a lorry that was parked at the side of the road.

The victim was sleeping inside the lorry. The lorry turned turtle after being hit by the container and resulted in the death of the lorry driver. The driver of the container loaded truck failed to control the vehicle after taking a turn.

Local people initiated the rescue work. But it was not been possible for them to turn the lorry upright or to save the victim by bringing him out of the lorry. Police rushed to the spot soon after receiving the information and initiated the rescue work with the help of the officers of the Disaster Management Group (DMG).

A portion of the lorry was cut using an electric cutter and Rai was brought out. Police took him to a local hospital where he was declared brought dead. The incident led to traffic congestion in the area.

Police took around two hours to ease out the traffic movement after removing the ill fated lorry from the road.

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