6000W 24V low frequency pure sine wave off-grid power inverter 220V-240V AC with peak power up to 18000W (6kW nominal, 18kW surge power) – Bonus Price

6000W 24V low frequency pure sine wave off-grid power inverter 220V-240V AC with peak power up to 18000W (6kW nominal, 18kW surge power)

  • 230V AC for your household appliances from your 24V battery or battery bank, suitable for heavy loads with power spikes
  • Low frequency pure sine wave – a much more reliable, tougher transformer-based design with peak power up to 18000W for several seconds
  • Fast built-in battery charger (with charging current options ranging from 14A to 70A) to charge your batteries from mains, with advanced 4-step progressive charging and several battery types to choose from
  • The uninterrupted power supply (UPS) / bypass mode means you will never lose power to your appliances
  • Clear LCD display shows various performance parameters and inverter settings. Can also accept input AC power from a generator. Scroll down to Product Description for more details about this product

This 6000W (6kW) low frequency inverter converts 24V battery power (DC) into 220V-240V mains output (AC) required for domestic appliances. It generates pure sine wave electricity, similar to electricity supplied by utility companies to households.

Low frequency basis means that the inverter operates using a powerful transformer, which is much more reliable and tougher than electronic MOSFETs used in high frequency inverters. As a result, this inverter is able to withstand up to 18000W (18kW) peak power for several seconds. This is needed for appliances with high starting peak power, including motor-driven devices and power tools.

The 70A automatic battery charger integrated into the inverter makes charging your 24V batteries from mains quick and efficient.

DC / AC priority mode function – In AC priority mode batteries are constantly charged by mains power (until fully charged). Appliances will also be powered by mains. In DC priority mode, appliances are powered by the batteries, even if the mains input is connected. Once the battery charge drops, mains input will automatically kick-in.

Another key feature is the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) / bypass mode; the inverter will keep your appliances running if the power supply is cut off from the mains or if the battery is no longer available.


– Input: 24V DC
– Output voltage: 208V/220V/230V/240V (selectable)
– Output freq.: 50Hz / 60Hz / auto (selectable)
– Battery charging current options: 14A/28A/42A/56A/70A (selectable)
– Power rating: 6000W nominal, 18000W peak
– Min. batt. voltage: 20V
– Protection: overload, overheat, low battery, overcharge
– Overcharge protection volt.: 31.4V
– Power factor: 0.9-1.0
– Screw terminals for AC input / output
– Size: 61 x 22 x 18 cm / 40kg

Please note that DC battery cables are not included.

Please contact Photonic Universe if you have any questions

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