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7 Types Of Driving Job For Earning Money On The Road

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Ever thought of turning your love of driving into a career? The road into any new profession isn’t easy. That said, driving jobs are in demand.

Here are just a few of the different routes that you can take. Taxi driver If you’re a good driver and know your local area well, taxi driving may be an ideal career for you.

You can either work for a company or go freelance. Driving taxis has it’s many bonuses – it’s more social than other driving jobs, has the bonus of tips and can be very flexible. There’s a lot of competition and if you’re being paid on commission there may be dry periods where you don’t get many customers.

Requirements generally involve taking a UK taxi theory and practical test, which also involves knowing the area inside-out (most notorious is London’s The Knowledge test).[1] Chauffeur As a chauffeur, you’re pretty much a high class taxi driver.

This mean more pay, but a higher quality of service. Chauffeurs can be hired privately to one person, or have multiple customers (the wedding industry is popular, as well as limousine driving for parties and hen nights). Being a chauffeur can be glamorous, although you should expect some unpredictability.

You may have to wait around for long periods of time whilst clients are at an all-day event, or have to ferry someone to multiple locations in a set amount of time. Lorry driver Driving a lorry, particularly an articulated one, does require relearning to drive.

There are all kinds of methods of getting a lorry driving qualification such as the ApnaToronto G1 test. So long as you have a recognised qualification, you can start applying to jobs. Lorry driving has many pros including travelling the country (in some cases travelling internationally) and not having to deal with passengers.

You have the freedom to take the route you want, although often will have some time constraints. Most trucking companies offer hourly pay, although some pay by the hour.[2] driving job

Bus driver Similar to driving a lorry, you’ll need to take a PCV practical test to become a bus driver. Whilst not the most glamorous driving job in the world, bus driving has a lot of benefits including a lot of time off or on break, good pay and some of the best medical and retirement benefits.

You’ll be required to keep to a strict schedule and have to deal with all kinds of customers, but if you can withstand this, the other benefits may make it worthwhile. Courier/delivery driver Couriers/delivery drivers come in all forms.

There are long-haul jobs, which could include delivering furniture or packages to people houses, and there are local jobs, which could involve working for a takeaway restaurant. Unlike most other driving jobs, you’ll need minimal training, although your shifts can be busy and demanding as goods need to be delivered in a set amount of time. With a commission-based job taking a wrong turn or having to deal with a customer that’s refusing to pay could put your whole day out of schedule.

Ice cream man A driving job you may not have considered, life as an ice cream man is pretty straightforward. All you need is a van and some ice cream and you’re fit to go.

There are obviously some cons – work is very seasonal and restrictions are constantly coming into place disallowing you to sell in certain locations. However, the profit margins can be excellent during a busy period, plus you have a lot of freedom.[3] Driving Instructor

The ultimate driving job – if you’re very adept at driving, why not teach other how to become drivers of their own? An advanced driving course and various other qualifications are often involved, as well as various insurance schemes and car safety features. Often working for a driving school can minimise costs, although quite often you’ll still be able to charge your own rates (which are generally much higher than any other driving job).

Driving instructing takes a lot of patience and concentration. More than any other driving job, you have to be good with people and have to have flawless driving skills. There are various specialised driving instructor positions that can pay even more nicely, as well as driving examiner positions.

It’s a competitive field for getting one’s foot in the door, but can be very rewarding work, providing a service that’s giving people a valuable life skill.[4]


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