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A woman trapped in car after Margate crash as lorry leaked fuel from ruptured tank

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A woman had been trapped in a car following the crash this morning in Margate while a lorry spilled fuel[2] on the road after its tank ruptured. The accident involving a lorry and a car[3] happened at just after 4.50am this morning on Belgrave Road. A section of the road was closed while emergency services dealt with casualties and the scene.

The road remains closed[4], said Kent Police. The roof of the car the woman had been travelling in had to be cut away by firecrews before they could reach her and extract her safely.
A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews used hydraulic cutting gear to remove the roof of the car to free a woman who was trapped inside.

She was transferred to a spinal board and taken to hospital by ambulance. Two further casualties were out of the vehicles before firefighters arrived. Crews also cleared up a large diesel spillage on the roadway, caused as a result of a rupture in the lorry’s fuel tank.”

The video taken by Will as he passed by just after 4.50am today.


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