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ACEA calls for robust action over HGV Euro-6 emission bypass devices

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association[1] (ACEA) has called on the European Commission[2] and national governments to take a harder line with suppliers and users of devices that bypass emission control systems on trucks. ACEA, which incorporates all of Europe’s leading truck makers in its membership, is reflecting their concern that their considerable investment in creating clean Euro-6 engines is being negated by devices that can be bought on the internet for a few pounds. The current concern is over so-called AdBlue emulators that bypass the SCR system by physical or software means, resulting in emissions that are far higher than the permitted levels.

As well as the environmental issues, owners of trucks failing to meet the stated standard are likely to be fraudulently obtaining taxation and road charging benefits. ACEA is calling for bans on the advertising, sale and use of any aftermarket device, hardware or software, which can be used by truck operators to turn off emission control systems, and increased roadside enforcement, with offenders treated in the same way as with defective safety systems. So far, sanctions have effectively been limited to manufacturer action on warranties and service contracts if such devices are discovered during maintenance.

While their use in the UK has previously been condemned by the traffic commissioners, Commercialmotor.com is not aware of DVSA[3] actually taking any action so far. European truck sales up in January The latest European truck registration figures from ACEA show the market grew in January, up 8.2% year-on-year at 173,614 units.

This was mostly driven by the light commercial vehicle segment. New van registrations (up to 3.5-tonnes) totalled 142,864 units, 9.3% more than in January 2016. In the heavy truck segment registrations gre 3.9% year-on-year with 23,195 new vehicles registered.

The UK truck market grew 5.3% in 2016[4], the SMMT recently revealed.


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