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Angus gran brands road a deathtrap after scares

Carol Simpson with her granddaughter Amelia Simpson, aged 2, standing on the dangerous corner in Clerk Street, Brechin

By Tele Reporter,13 Feb 2017 6.00am

A woman has told how her quick actions stopped her young grand-daughter from being struck by a lorry in Brechin. Carol Simpson pulled Amelia out of the way as the lorry mounted the kerb on Clerk Street on Wednesday and headed toward them. A shaken Mrs Simpson, who branded the road a deathtrap, said the incident happened just a day after another of her grand-children was almost struck by a lorry in the same street.

She said: “My little granddaughter is two-and-a-half and we were coming home from the shops. She was on the outside and I saw the lorry coming toward us. “Thank God I pulled her in or she would have been under the wheels.”

She said the standard of driving in Clerk Street was “terrible” and fears there will be a serious accident. The incident happened just a day after a near-miss at the same spot when Mrs Simpson was walking with her daughter and her other granddaughter, who is also two. She said a lorry travelling behind them mounted the pavement and added: “If I hadn’t put her to the inside her wee feet would have been under the lorry.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Officers would like to remind drivers to drive with care and consideration for other road users and that they must not drive on or over pavements.”


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