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Authorities asked to fix price of lorry reflective stickers

SIBU: The authorities concerned have been asked to standardise the price of reflective stickers for lorries. Sibu member of Parliament Oscar Ling claimed some retailers are selling the stickers at RM80 while others are selling them at RM100. “Hopefully, the relevant authorities would ensure uniformity and also to check the respective suppliers from selling the reflective stickers at their whims and fancies,” he told a press conference yesterday.

Last year, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) instructed all lorry owners to use Sirim-approved reflective stickers at the back of their lorries for better road safety. Ling also called on the authorities to ensure there is sufficient supply of Sirim-approved reflective stickers. “Last month, there was a shortage of the reflective stickers, causing the supplier to increase the price.

This should not have happened,” he said. Meanwhile, Lanang member of Parliament Alice Lau questioned who is required to carry their MyKads at all times. She was referring to the case of a 27-year-old woman fined RM4,000 in default eight months’ imprisonment for not carrying her MyKad.

“What if they are students or elderly persons? Should they also carry their MyKads at all times?” asked Lau. “These elderly people are scared that they might lose their MyKads and to prevent from losing it, they would rather leave their MyKads at home.

The students, on their part, seldom carry the MyKads as they might feel it unnecessary.”

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