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Bookings for Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Truck Already Accepted in UK

Mercedes-Benz X Class pickup truck concept 2

Targeting the higher end of mid-size global pickup segment, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class will be entering international markets in 2018

The UK division of Mercedes-Benz is getting refundable reservation of ?1,000 for the X-Class pickup truck and has announced a dedicated website. The move has been done to cater the needs of phenomenal early demand from the customers. Considering the fact that the final production model has not been out yet, it’s quite a stir.

The X-Class will likely be launched in the UK next year and is expected to hit the other European, Australian, South African and Latin American markets as well. The concept version of the X-Class was unveiled in Sweden last October. It is developed in conjunction with Nissan, which has huge expertise in the particular segment, and based on the Japanese brand’s Navarra NP300 pickup truck.

Featuring quirky bodywork, the interior has been brought up to stamp a premium picture. The German luxury car maker showcased the road and street versions of the truck built on body-on-frame construction. Also Read: Mercedes-Benz SUVs Sales Reached Four Million Worldwide[1]

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck concept

It will be made available with facility to occupy five passengers in crew car configuration with a short bed alongside an all wheel coil spring suspension system for better loading capability and ride comfort. The road-going X-Class will be offered with both rear and four-wheel drive configurations.

For higher degree of off-roading capability, the all-wheel drive model will be equipped with a low range transfer case and differential locking system. At the market launch in 2018, a select range of four-cyl petrol and diesel, as well as a range-topping V6 diesel will be fitted under the engine bay. The maximum payload capacity is claimed at 1,200 kg and it will be able to tow over 3,500 kg.

Its capacity will slot it in the high end of the pickup truck segment around the world. Mercedes-Benz has gone on about not just making this pickup an aggressive looker with high payload and good driving characteristics. Also Read: Mercedes Benz GLT Pickup Truck Spotted Testing For the First Time[2]

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck concept 1

The luxury brand has taken a few pages out of its passenger vehicles and applied leather upholstery with real wood trim on the X-Class concept. It will have the latest radar and camera based driver assistance along with infotainment accessible through smartphone application and automatic safety systems.

It is likely to be initially manufactured in Spain and Argentina.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Pickup Truck Images


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