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Brazen Theft Sees Criminals Drive Away With Brand New JLR Engines Worth £3m

Thieves have stolen Jaguar Land Rover engines worth ?3 million in what has to be the most audacious and astonishing automotive thefts ever. Unbelievably, the thieves simply drove a stolen HGV tractor unit into the compound, obtaining official paperwork in the process, hooked it up to a trailer full of engines and drove out again in just six minutes. Twice. The same lorry returned a couple of hours later and pulled the same trick.

The whole thing took place at night, but in full view of security cameras. The criminals passed manned security checkpoints, suggesting the thieves had a degree of knowledge about the site and the necessary protocols.

Ingenium-family engines like this are believed to have been among the stolen engines Ingenium-family engines like this are believed to have been among the stolen engines

According to the Birmingham Mail, the two stolen trailer units were unloaded in the Coventry area. ‘Stunned’ JLR management authorised a statement saying:

We can confirm that we are working closely with West Midlands Police to investigate the theft of engines from the Solihull manufacturing plant.

A reward is on offer to anyone who has information which leads to the successful recovery of these engines.

It would be inappropriate for us to make any further comment whilst this investigation is ongoing.

We’re in absolute disbelief that the thieves managed to pull this off, and no doubt JLR will be tightening its security a few notches.

In the meantime, let’s hope the swine that took the engines get caught.

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