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BREAKING: Lorry OVERTURNED in horror smash sparks A1 traffic mayhem

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ACCIDENT: A lorry overturned on the A1 causing major traffic delays

Dramatic pictures show the upended HGV lay on its side on the side of the northbound carriageway near junction 63 at Chester-le-Street. Drivers were caught up in lengthy delays with tailbacks stretching back for miles. Medics were scrambled to the scene but nodody was hurt in the collision.

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UPENDED: The overturned lorry caused major traffic disruption

Could this city have the WORST traffic in the world?

Tuesday, 31st January 2017Visiting dignitaries, rain, world cultural forums – it seems that just like the UK rail networks, the city of New Delhi in India barely needs and excuse for a traffic jam.eavy Traffic jam at NH8 near Shankar Vihar due to rain, on July 8th, 2016.Hindustan Times via Getty Imageseavy Traffic jam at NH8 near Shankar Vihar due to rain, on July 8th, 2016.

Cops said Highway England have arranged for the milk truck to be removed.

Three other cars were also involved in a smash on the same road. Ambulances were called to the crash but nobody was injured. All roads on the A1 northbound have now been reopened after severe delays earlier this morning.

It comes after a major London train station was evacuated[1] this morning due to an exploding batterty.

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