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Call for action over HGV noise in Studley

ENDLESS lines of HGVs rushing through Studley have sparked calls for the village to become a 30mph average speed zone. The plea comes from local residents fed up with the noise, vibration and pollution caused by lorries using the A435 as a cut through to the motorway network or avoiding roadworks and overnight closures on the M5. And with the village trapped between a new industrial estate in Alcester and the launch of the Redditch Eastern Gateway further up the A435 on Gorcott Hill, locals fear the situation can only gets worse unless something is done now.

Campaigner Nicky Ebden, who has set up the Studley Traffic Focus Group, lives on the road, is calling for the Studley triangle to become an average speed zone to at least slow down the traffic piling through the village. “We’re never going to get a weight restriction but if we properly enforced an average speed zone we could at least slow the traffic down.” She points to the speed camera at Coughton Court as being the sixth busiest in the country to emphasise how fast vehicles are going.

“Stratford district council have been spectacularly useless. They have allowed the Redditch Eastern Gateway to happen when it’s nothing to do with Redditch it’s Stratford land they’ll be building on. It’s disgusting,” said Nicky.

“The lorries go over the island at the Barley Mow rather than round it and it doesn’t stop at night either – for the last three years I’ve had to sleep with earplugs in every single night. My house was built in 1640 and it’s being shaken apart but even those in modern houses with double glazing have had to move their bedrooms to the back just to get a decent night’s sleep.” The traffic focus group is meeting next Wednesday, February 15, at 7pm.

A spokesperson for Stratford district council, in regard to the Eastern Gateway, said: “The Core Strategy policies require the development to include’traffic management and mitigation measures on the A435 as appropriate’ to ensure this issue is satisfactorily dealt with and this is something being dealt with via the planning application process.

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