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Councillor backs calls for better lorry navigation systems

A THURROCK councillor has backed calls to ban lorry drivers from using satellite navigation systems that are designed for cars. Lorry drivers should use equipment specifically for the size of vehicles they drive to prevent them travelling through height and width restrictions – as well as residential areas unsuited to lorries, according to the Local Government Association, LGA. The LGA which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, says that while the majority of lorry drivers are reputable and responsible, a minority cut corners by using cheaper satnavs designed for cars.

Lorry satnavs are like normal car satnavs, but they include bridge heights, narrow roads, and roads unsuitable for trucks. Brian Little, councillor for highways and Transport, said: “We in Thurrock throw our full support behind the LGA on this issue. Drivers must ensure they have the proper equipment and plan their journey before they set off.

Otherwise they can cause damage to street furniture and congestion, as well as air quality and safety concerns.

“I agree with the Local Government Association – the majority of lorry drivers who visit Thurrock follow the rules of the road and we will continue to support our thriving logistics industry.

“But there are problem areas in Thurrock – especially Little Thurrock, Aveley and Stanford-le-Hope – and our Civil Enforcement Officers will continue to tackle HGV parking robustly, as well as using any other powers given to us by government to help residents.”

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