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Delays of 20 minutes as car collides with HGV on A1

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A collision between a car and a lorry is causing serious delays on the A1. Highways England[2] said delays are building near Stamford close to where the incident happened. Delays are reaching 20 minutes and are increasing southbound on the Great North Road.

READ MORE: Man dies in incident on A1 at Grantham[3] Earlier today another section of the A1 was closed at Grantham between the A52 and the A607. It happened at 8am on Dysart Road and one man died as a result of the incident.

We are getting reports of a collision inv: a car and a HGV on the #A1 s/b nr #Stamford #eicestershire.

Delays building. More when known.
— Highways England (@HighwaysEMIDS) February 3, 2017[4][5][6][7]

The road was closed and caused congestion as drivers found alternative routes. This section of the A1 reopened around 4pm.


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