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Dramatic footage shows the moment HGV is blown across motorway and onto parked car

This is the dramatic moment strong winds blew a truck across a motorway, causing it to flatten a parked car. The footage, taken on a highway in Wyoming, US, shows the vehicle being blown off balance as it drives down the road. Eventually the weight of the lorry drags the whole thing on top of a police car parked on the hard shoulder.

Fortunately, no one was in the car at the time. Two people driving the HGV were also left unharmed.

hgv-being-blown-over-0.pngHigh winds: The lorry is blown across the road

The video was shared by Wyoming Highway Patrol who posted it on their Facebook as a warning against driving in high winds. They wrote: “This event occurred on February 7 near Elk Mountain, Wyoming on Interstate 80.

“Three Wyoming State Troopers were on scene providing care for motorists who were involved in previous crashes. “Because of this, thankfully, all Troopers were out of their patrol cars assisting others and were not injured. “We are also thankful the two occupants in the truck were not injured as well.

All we ask is that you please follow high wind advisories and closures when you are traveling in our great state.

“Even if you plan to travel at reduced speeds.

Hopefully this video illustrates why.”

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