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Driver of gas truck shot at in Barcelona after police chase on dual carriageway

A truck driver has been shot at in Barcelona after he reportedly drove at high speed towards the city centre in a vehicle packed with gas cylinders. Officers apparently opened fire on Tuesday during a high-speed chase as canisters were being thrown from the back of the lorry on the Ronda Litoral. The vehicle, which was reported to be stolen, was being driven the wrong way down a dual carriageway towards the centre of Barcelona.

Spanish media reported police shot at the truck and into the air before it was stopped and a man, believed to be a Swedish national, was arrested.

Shooting incident with a individual who stole gas canister truck and was WWD #Barcelona #Catalonia pic.twitter.com/iLFK32MMHp[1][2][3]

— Daniel Laspra (@avallenc) February 21, 2017[4]

It was also reported at least one pedestrian was injured when they were struck by a butane bottle. Eyewitness Jordi Sintes told La Vanguardia[5]: “We heard the sirens, and then a very strong blow.

El cami? de but? continua a la sortida 22 de la Ronda Litoral. Transit tallat en aquest punt. pic.twitter.com/tUmYc2Tife[6]

— Pere Bosch (@pereboschg) February 21, 2017[7]

“We have all turned and seen the butane truck braking suddenly at the entrance to the Round.

It was in the wrong direction. “Two motorbikes from the Guardia Urbana followed. They have got off and pointed the driver with their pistols.

He has opened his arms and then three Mossos have arrived and they have done it. “In a matter of a minute, cops have appeared from all directions. Some with machine guns.

And in less than five minutes they had him handcuffed.”

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