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Fire crews spend eight hours dealing with chemical leak near Dartford Tunnel

Firefighters spent around eight hours dealing with a chemical leak on a lorry near the Dartford Tunnel.

Crews from the town and from Thames-side, Strood and Chatham were called out to help deal with the incident at about 1.30pm yesterday (Friday).

The four crews were sent to the lorry waiting area near the tunnel after the leak was discovered on a HGV container.

Firefighters spent hours at the scene.

Firefighters spent hours at the scene.

Traffic going through the tunnel was not affected and both tunnels heading towards Essex remained open throughout the incident.

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We unloaded the lorry until we found the container which was leaking.

“We then isolated that container in the correct manner and the company responsible for transporting the load then come an pick it up and deal with it.

The incident happened near the Dartford Tunnel.

The incident happened near the Dartford Tunnel.

“Another lorry then came and the other containers were loaded onto that vehicle and taken away.

“It is unknown at this stage what the chemical was and we left the scene about 9,30pm.”

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