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German producer MAN joins e-lorry race with own battery model

By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online[1] auf Facebook posten Auf Twitter posten Steyr, Austria (dpa) – German commercial vehicle maker MAN aims to put the first battery-powered lorries on the road, chief executive Joachim Drees said Monday.

At MAN’s Austrian factory in Steyr, Drees presented an electric lorry for urban areas that will be produced in a small series from late 2018. Production of a larger series in the four-digit range will start from early 2021. MAN, which is part of the Volkswagen group, is not the only lorry maker that is racing to develop electric lorries.

German industrial group Siemens has worked with Volvo and Volkswagen’s Scania brand to develop hybrid diesel trucks that can be powered with overhead electric cables. But Drees said that batteries have the most realistic change of success in the short term, especially when it comes to urban transport. “With overhead cables you have to build massive infrastructure,” he said.

More than a third of the 10 million euros (10.6 million dollars) that MAN plans to invest in its e-mobility project in Steyr will be financed through Austrian state subsidies, said Austrian Transport Minister Joerg Leichtfried, who attended the lorry presentation with Chancellor Christian Kern.

MAN’s battery lorry currently has a reach of around 100 kilometres, but the company aims to double that capacity for trucks weighing 26 tons.


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