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HGV ban must stay

WHILST in total agreement with the letter in last week’s Advertiser from John Moon of CPRE, I feel he is missing a vital point. The traffic restrictions imposed on the tenants of the Andover Business Park as a condition of their original planning consent for the site were supposed to be monitored by an automatic number plate recognition camera system on the banned routes. Fines were then imposed for breaches of restrictions.

It appears Mr Moon is unaware that in spite of repeated complaints from my parish council (and I am sure from others as well) this system has been inoperative for approximately two years so no policing of these restrictions is taking place. Our complaints to TVBC and to HCC have been met with the pathetic excuse that the only engineer capable of fixing this system is currently out of the country. If we are unable to monitor the current occupants’ HGV movements then we certainly should not accept any more.

The answer seems clear; there were good reasons for this condition at the time of the original planning consent which have not changed.

The restrictions not only need to stay but need to be capable of enforcement otherwise there is no point in them.

Gary Light, chairman of Penton Grafton Parish Council

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