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Horrific scenes after offal lorry accident on A52

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Animal offal has been cleared from a main road in Lincolnshire after a lorry spilled its load. The A52 between Threekingham and Donington has closed following the incident and police said it would remain so until at least mid-morning on February 2 for the road to be cleaned. By 11am the debris had been cleared but the road remained closed pending the arrival of a special steam cleaning vehicle to mop up the residue.

READ MORE: A52 shut after offal lorry sheds its load[2] One motorist said: “There’s a little bit of a smell in the air but it’s not too bad.

It’s not just animal innards on the road, there’s pigs heads, legs and carcasses.”
It is understood that the spillage happened when a lorry carrying a skip containing the animal remains was forced to brake sharply as another vehicle pulled put of a layby in front of it.

The incident[3] happened at about 11.30pm on Wednesday, February 1 and police closed the road and left the haulier to deal with the clean up.

The AA traffic report stated: ” Road closed due to accident and shed load on A52 Both ways between Mareham Lane and A152 Station Street.
[4] “Will be closed until at least mid morning. Sensors show traffic coping well.

Pig guts need clearing from the road.”


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