In-car Fm Transmitter All in One USB/SD/AUX with Remote Control USB SD AUX IN MP3/WMA Player – Price Special

In-car Fm Transmitter All in One USB/SD/AUX with Remote Control USB SD AUX IN MP3/WMA Player

  • Model Name: CSL V13.39 Car FM Transmitter | for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPod, Smartphone / Mobile Phone / Tablet PC / MP3 player etc.
  • Use: With this car FM transmitter you can transfer music from your device such as smartphone, mobile phone, tablet PC, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player and USB flash drive or from your SD memory card to your car radio
  • Input voltage: 12-24V DC | Connection: USB / SD card slot (max 32GB.) / AUX IN | Supported formats: MP3, WMA | Transmitting frequency range: 87 – 107.9 MHz (206 channels total) | Equalizer (only with remote control): Normal, Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Soft, DBB (Deep Bass Boost), SRS | LINE-IN Music playback of external audio devices MP3 players,CD players | four loop playback mode (ALL, ONE, RND, FOL)
  • Features: 1″LCD display | Function buttons: increase / decrease, increase / decrease volume frequency, play / pause, previous track / next track | excellent transmission quality | easy to carry |
  • Cable length (phone cable): approx 55cm | Dimensions: 4.1 x 12.4 x 3.4 cm (WxHxD) | Weight: 37g (only transmitter) | Colour: black / anthracite | Delivery: CSL – V13.39 Car FM Transmitter + infrared remote control + 3.5mm jack cable

CSL v13.39 car FM transmitter allows you to convert to listen to your favourite music through the car’s stereo system.
With this compact v13.39 2in1 car MP3 audio player FM transmitter from CSL can give you a
Your music comfortably on your in-car stereo system. Either in the privacy of your using an SD memory card
Or Usb Memory Stick (Max. 32GB) you make it easy to enjoy your favourite songs.
Even in the car. Save the songs as MP3/WMA file on a USB flash drive
Or a built-in DVR via on-board SD Card and Play It Through Your In-Car Stereo System.
With the CSL – v13.39 car FM transmitter with matching Infrared (IR) Remote Control
You can create your own completely easily in your vehicle. The Trans/
Mitter is suitable for all standard car radio compatible, and with a USB port and
A full size SD card reader and and a audio jack socket. With the kontras
‘Treiche; Large 1 LCD display can show you the
Frequency. To do this, plug the functional FM Transmitter in Zigarettenan,
Igniter (female) and you are not the same frequency on your radio and the
The included multi-functional infrared (IR) Remote Control Replacement for
Extra comfort and an even more convenient handwriting recognition. With the remote control
You can create beispielweise between multiple EQs, Frequency
Setting or binders and dividers to keep work organised front or Zurücknavigieren. What’s more, its unique raised diamond strands expand
The professional transmitter car from CSL Flexible carry and
Simply storage in your glove compartment of your vehicle.

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