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Iveco hopes to boost development of NGV sector

Italian vehicle manufacturer Iveco launched its Stralis NP long-haul truck[1] in June last year – the first HGV able to run on CNG or LNG, or a blend of the two. The company is also looking at new ways to boost the use of gas in the road transport sector. Cl?ment Chandon, Iveco’s gas business development manager for HGVs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told Interfax Natural Gas Daily his company wants to be “a catalyst” in breaking the ‘chicken and egg’ situation currently facing the industry.

Interfax Natural Gas Daily: What are Iveco’s forecasts for gas-fuelled truck production in the European market for the next few years?


  1. ^ its Stralis NP long-haul truck (www.iveco.com)

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