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Lorries rumbling through Lancashire village prompt sat-nav call

TWO councillors have backed a national call for action to ensure lorries are fitted with appropriate and updated sat-navs after problems with large wagons rumbling through a village. Labour’s Cllr Marcus Johnstone and UKIP’s Cllr Alan Hosker have been concerned for months about heavy goods vehicles mistakenly driving through Hapton to access the Burnley Bridge Business Park. MORE TOP STORIES:

The rival politicians believe inaccurate sat-navs are part of the reason for drivers taking their wagons along narrow roads through the village rather than using the dedicated bridge off junction nine of the M65. They are supporting a call by the Local Government Association for lorry drivers should be banned from using sat-navs specifically designed for cars. It wants legislation brought in to make sure HGV’s are equipped with a suitable GPS system.

The move by the council bosses follows a series of recent accidents with lorries crashing into low bridges including one near Birmingham last month and 11 such accidents in 12 months at another in Leicestershire. Commercial GPS systems designed for lorries include information on bridge heights and narrow roads. LGA transport spokesman Martin Tett said: “It is common sense that all lorry drivers should use sat-navs designed for trucks but this is only going to become a reality when it is a mandatory requirement.”

Padiham and Burnley West’s County Cllr Johnstone said: “I have received several complaints that HGVs are accessing the Burnley Bridge Industrial Estate from Manchester Road, Hapton, rather than the newly-constructed bridge from the M65. “This is leading to several roads being used by large vehicles for which they are very obviously not suitable. “I believe the use of inappropriate or inaccurate sat-navs by drivers is partly responsible for this and support the LGA campaign.

“It is important lorry drivers have the correct devices and that they are kept properly updated.” Burnley borough’s Hapton with Park Cllr Hosker said: “There are real problems with heavy wagons coming through Hapton to get to the business park with cars damaged and wing mirrors ripped off. “It causes noise, nuisance and traffic congestion and something needs to be done.

“I believe using the wrong sat-navs is partly to blame and support calls for legislation to compel lorry drivers to have the proper and updated devices.”

A county council spokesman said: “We do all we can to ensure major routes used by lorries are clearly signed and marked to avoid them running into bridges, walls or anything else close to the road.”

The spokesman added: “We’re not aware of any specific issues with sat-navs. ”

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